Please consider updating to latest patch level (3.0.4 at this time)

Asked by Björn Harrtell

It's unfortunate that Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is stuck at PostGIS 3.0.0. Should it not track the patch releases for important bug and security fixes?

Patch release changelog for 3.0.x series:

PostGIS 3.0.4
* Bug Fixes and Enhancements *
  - #4941, Fix loose mbr in topology.face on update (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4871, TopoGeometry::geometry cast returns NULL for empty
           TopoGeometry objects (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4817, Handle complex compound coordinate systems (Paul Ramsey)
  - Support newer proj versions that have deprecated pj_get_release (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4835, Adjust geodetic tolerance for calculations (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4853, DBSCAN cluster not formed when recordset length equal to minPoints (Dan Baston)
  - #4844, Repair axis order handling for polar coordinate systems (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4863, Update bboxes after scale/affine coordinate changes (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4918, Fix rare crash in st_minpossiblevalue() (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4949, Swapped coordinates for N/E planar systems (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4326, Fix CircularPolygon area calculation (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4917, Fix crasher with '-' regclass (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4919, Rare crash in selectivity calculation (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4926, Preserve SRID on unions of empty geometry (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4740, Round values in geography_distance_tree
           as we do on geography_distance (Raúl Marín, Paul Ramsey, Regina Obe)
  - #4968, Update to handle autoconf 2.71 issues (Raúl Marín, Regina Obe)
  - #4916, #4770, #4724, #4916, Crashes in aggregate functions (Paul Ramsey)

PostGIS 3.0.3

* Bug Fixes and Enhancements *
  - #4742 tiger geocoder reverted to 2018 version on tiger upgrade
  - #4757, Handle line collapse due to snap-to-existing node (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4758, Improve topology noding robustness (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4719, Fail fast when srids don't match ST_Intersection(geometry,raster)
           Also schema qualify calls in function. (Regina Obe)
  - #4739, Ensure all functions using postgis_oid initialize the internal cache (Raúl Marín)
  - #4767, #4768, #4771, #4772, Fix segfault when parsing invalid WKB (Raúl Marín)
  - #4769, Fix segfault in st_addband (Raúl Marín)
  - #4748, Fix incorrect axis swapping in polar stereographic (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4727, Fix bug in geocentrix box computation (Paul Ramsey)
  - #4790, Fix ST_3dintersects calculations with identical vertices (Nicklas Avén)

PostGIS 3.0.2

* Bug Fixes and Enhancements *
  - Remove useless duplicated call in ST_ChangeEdgeGeom (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4709, Fix crash in adding edge to corrupted topology, (Sandro Santilli)
  - Handle non-closed edge rings by human readable error (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4706, Fix crash in ST_ChangeEdgeGeom on corrupted topology (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4652, Fix several memory related bugs in ST_GeomFromGML (Raúl Marín)
  - #4661,4129, Fix access to spatial_ref_sys with a non default schema (Raúl Marín)
  - #4670, ST_AddPoint: Fix bug when a positive position is requested (Raúl Marín)
  - #4702, Legacy ST_Locate_Between_Measures is wrong (Kaplas80)
  - #4699, crash on null input to ST_Union(raster, otherarg) (Jaime Casanova, 2ndQuadrant)
  - #4716, Fix several issues with pkg-config in the configure script (Raúl Marín)
  - #4691, Fix segfault during gist index creation with empty geometries (Raúl Marín)
  - #4541, ST_ConcaveHull returns a "geometrycollection"
           type instead of the expected "polygon" (Regina Obe)
  - #4640, Update raster docs to explain why ST_Transform using alignment is important.
           Update raster FAQ (Regina Obe, Maksim Gomov)

PostGIS 3.0.1

* Breaking Changes *
  - #4637 svn number replaced by git hash in version output
    (Sandro Santilli, Regina Obe, Bas Couwenberg)

* New Features *
 - #4617, Add configure switch `--without-phony-revision` (Raúl Marín)
          Use to prevent postgis_revision.h from rebuilding
          (when building from tar ball) and building in a gitted folder.

* Bug Fixes and Enhancements *
  - #4558, Fix oversimplification of polygon inner rings (Raúl Marín)
  - #4588, Fix update when ST_Union(geometry) doesn't exist (Raúl Marín)
  - #4590, Fix pg_upgrade issue with ST_LineCrossingDirection (Raúl Marín)
  - #4599, ST_AddPoint: Accept -1 as a valid position (Raúl Marín)
  - #4600, Improve precision of ST_TileEnvelope (Raúl Marín)
  - #4605, Fix with PostgreSQL 12 (Matti Linnanvuori)
  - #4606, Respect user's LDFLAGS in postgis module build (Sandro Santilli)
  - #4610, Add in logic to install postgis_tiger_geocoder from unpackaged (Regina Obe)
  - #4581, Installing postgis_raster from unpackaged tries to use wrong schema (Regina Obe)
  - #4596, The script to generate is missing
           a trailing quote (Bill Mill)
  - #4608, PG12: Fix several bugs in the index support function (Raúl Marín)
  - #4621, Prevent stack overflow when parsing WKB (Raúl Marín)
  - #4626, Support pkg-config for libxml2 (Bas Couwenberg)
  - #4632, Allow building with PostgreSQL 13 (Raúl Marín)
  - #4570, Include raster2pgsql in windows packaging (Regina Obe)

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There is at least one PPA with postgis 3.1.1-* for focal,
(Standard disclaimer for PPAs applies of course.)

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