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Asked by Kathleen Stout on 2010-10-05

Hello, I'm not a tecchie, just a teacher. I did not have a working laptop at home, and wanted to take this online job. A friend found a broken laptop for me, repaired it, and put Ubuntu software OS on it. I love it. It's fast and reliable, and I like the idea of an "independent" software company that doesn't start with a M. Unfortunately, in order to take the certification test for my new job grading CSU English essays, I will need Internet Explorer. This creates a problem, because I am back to buying Windows again. If I do have to fork out the cash (which I do NOT have) for the program, which one should I get? Can I install Windows (just for the darn I. Explorer) and keep my Ubuntu/Linux OS? Help! I have no idea. If I upload the Windows, will it wipe out the Linux? Should I use W. 7 or XP? I feel like this nixes the whole idea of publicly accessible, free software. Any advice appreciated.
Kathleen Stout
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If it's an old computer, XP should be better. The specs of the computer would help.

If it's recent enough, you could consider running Windows inside Ubuntu as a virtualized system. But given what you said about the laptop, I don't think it will work. And you still need to buy the licence.

Then more good news, if you install Windows with the default installation, I'm quite sure it will delete Ubuntu, or at least not offer to choose the system when you are booting... Very nice, right? Of course, it can be fixed, even if it requires some work. So it's possible to keep both, yes.

Now, last solution, I'm wondering if IE can be used in Ubuntu thanks to Wine (an emulation of Windows libraries). Maybe worth checking as it would save you the cost of the Windows licence I think. I will try to check this, maybe that's the best solution

And finally, my 2 cents on this, you should complain about this constrain for the certification. They force you to buy a Microsoft license, no matter which computer you have.

More about the Wine solution:

Sounds interesting, you can try that easily I think, two packages to install, then follow their instructions. If it works, you are saving the licence cost I think, and the work to install both systems on your laptop.

Jorge Guerrero (acroper) said : #3


I have installed the package "Play on Linux"..., directly from repositories if you activate multiverse (I think)...,

This program is just a set of scripts to install special programs, like Internet Explorer...

So..., install it, and look for the option "install programs", and a List will appear, and Internet Explorer will be there...., I guess it will be enough operative for your needs...

Good luck

peter b (b1pete) said : #4

Kathleen, just a clarification

the package that acroper mentioned ....'"Play on Linux"..., directly from repositories if you activate '....

the correct name is


it can be installed either via synaptic or using CLI in a terminal

sudo apt-get install playonlinux

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