pidgin says it's connecting but it is not.

Asked by Needs

after receiving a message from yahoo stating they were doing an update... now my pidgin is saying 'connecting' yet it isn't. Is this a yahoo issue or pidgin?

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eloi (edhammons1) said :

I am having the same issue yet my gf on yahoo says she is connected.

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Needs (needy-girl-in-maine) said :

My boyfriend uses XP and yahoo messenger and had no problems whatsoever. I use Ubuntu/Pidgin and there seems Pidgin cannot connect. I have tried all statuses, etc, rebooted, everything. All to no avail.

Hoe hum. Other than going thru Foxfire web - I guess it's just another pitfall of pidgin.

And just when I thought I liked the program.

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eloi (edhammons1) said :

Yup.. Same problem here. I can connect through web messenger, I suspect yahoo upgraded something and it affected pidgen.

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Needs (needy-girl-in-maine) said :

Guess it truly was an update and messenger server was down. Rebooted once again and server connected after about 2 hours.

But connected, it did.

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Melinda (melired15-deactivatedaccount) said :

I'm having the same problem too. My pidgin will not connect and I see none of my contacts. I also seem to be having trouble downloading Skype. I get this error message /tmp/skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386-2.deb could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences. B ye!

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cronox (cronox-nt) said :

hi. i have the same problem. i think it's traying to connect, but it can't.

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Melinda (melired15-deactivatedaccount) said :

Hi! After struggling with not connecting for two days as of today I finally got connected. I can also see my contacts again. I hope this doesn't happen again. Bye!

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Matt (andiahmadmadina) said :

Hi all, any one can solve this problem?? my pidgin have the same problem

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Melinda (melired2-15-deactivatedaccount) said :

Hi Matt! I was having the same problem as you are a weeks months ago. I didn't do anything to fix it. One day it just started working again as nothing was ever wrong with it. Hopefully this is your case and it will start to work soon. Bye!

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Needs (needy-girl-in-maine) said :

What I have found when this happens - since yahoo has been trying to fix the beta bugs - is to just hold tight to someone close.... since messenger is going to work during their 'maintenance'.

Once they have their bugs worked out - eventually pidgin is able to connect... which just leaves us holding the bag. Meanwhile those who have Windows based programs can utilize messenger, and pidgin users are at the mercy of the Gods.

Well... at least this is what I found.

Meanwhile - I await voice and the actual yahoo messenger to come to Ubuntu/Linux - Pidgin users....

Think that will happen some time soon? Anyone? Anyone?

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Fabián Rodríguez (magicfab) said :

Yahoo and MSN use proprietary protocols and are not intended to be used with third party clients such as Pidgin. The fact such use is tolerated is another story :) As such, whatever changes occur on their network will affect how such third party software connects to their networks.

I'd suggest switching to another protocol such as Jabber (XMPP), many service providers such as Google (with Gtalk) or provide free accounts.


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Needs (needy-girl-in-maine) said :

Thx Fabian...

Most of the ones I connect with are thru Yahoo Messenger... so I am stuck with the 3rd party Pidgin... since it does at least connect to all the others AIM, Messenger, etc...

I've tried many a time to get my friends to switch over to something that we can talk thru, but since they have other friends, and they have other friends, and blah blah....... they choose to stay with Yahoo messenger...

Alas, I am the only sap using ubuntu-linux whilst the others are XP or Vista, so it seems I am on the losing end of the short straw. Anyway. I accept what it is, and cope with the downsides of Pidgin... for indeed, it keeps me in touch... if only by text.

I am going to ask Santa for XP or Vista... and give the Ubuntu a coldhearted kick to the curb...

until then.....