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Asked by LanceHaverkamp on 2010-08-19

A few bugs regarding pidgin are marked as dupes of, but is private & most of us are locked out.

Why is it private? Lots of people seem to be having this issue & it's not new.

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Someone subscribed to the bug, or a member of the Ubuntu bug squad can explain why the bug is private and decide if it can be made public.
Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #2

Only the ubuntu team and the users subscribed to the bug can explain why the bug is private. Launchpad engineer cannot see any private bugs outside of their own projects.

The problem seems related to using the pidgin-skype plugin. The short term work around (for me) was to uninstall pidgin-skype. For some reason (or possibly no reason at all) similar reports have been marked private...not sure who has something to hide around here, but if you uninstall pidgin-skype and use the two programs separately, it seems to solve the problem.


Sam_ (and-sam) said : #4

in some cases even Apport notes the user that bug report may include private data, enables the user to review it before uploading and switches automatically to private. Concerning IMs like Pidgin, might be bug report contents account data. e.g. I've reported bugs about an address book, ubuntu one client and they've been tagged as private. On the other hand it can be after reviewing the report a triager decides to switch it to public, because it doesn't include sensitive private data. Canonical and Launchpad do have a point here beeing concerned about data abuse.

Thanks Sam,

I appreciate your reply, and I understand that need for a security bug; but if it's really something simple like an exposed password, a row of asterisks would allow people to see work-arounds being discussed. Solutions on a hidden website helps no one, which is why I made a point of posting this work-around on every bug report marked as a duplicate of 558606. At least that way the next miss-fortunate user might actually find the information.

Again, I really appreciate your reply--take care,