Will php 5.3 be in karmic?

Asked by Kevin van Zonneveld

I know PHP 5.3 isn't stable yet, but is there any estimation within the ubuntu core devs in what release of Ubuntu we can expect it? I know a lot of our customers (php developers) are craving for it cause of some additional significant features.

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Kevin van Zonneveld
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Shane Fagan (shanepatrickfagan) said :

Maybe, maybe not it depends when it becomes stable.
If it becomes stable in the next 2 months probably.
After that probably not.

Hope that helps

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Kevin van Zonneveld (kvz) said :

As clear as it can be.
I'm really hoping they'll get it stable in the next two months then!

Thanks for your time.

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dmuir (dmuir) said :

Planned release date is Tuesday, 30 June.

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Kevin van Zonneveld (kvz) said :

Ok, it's here: http://php.net/releases/5_3_0.php : )
I guess things are looking pretty good then?

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MyName (rk.) said :

PHP 5.3 Declined for Karmic by Chuck Short


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Marques Johansson (marques) said :

From https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/20090707 :

Php 5.3

zul and ajmitch have been looking at getting php 5.3 in karmic. 5.3 has been uploaded to experimental to get more testing there. The big difference with the current version in karmic (5.2) is that the suhosin patch has not been ported to 5.3 yet. The security team doesn't feel comfortable with shipping php without the suhosin patch enabled.

It was decided to push 5.3 into a PPA to get wider testing from the Ubuntu community. Once the suhosin patch is ported to 5.3 and enabled in the build 5.3 can be uploaded to karmic.

An ubuntu-php-team should also be created to handle the maintenance of the php PPA. There have also been some requests for backported versions of php. A PPA and -backports are options to handle this use case.

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Kevin van Zonneveld (kvz) said :

On 2009-08-08 Raphael wrote at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/394385 :

"Suhosin Patch for php5.3:
http://blog.adaniels.nl/articles/suhosin-patch-for-php-53/ "

The article page shows:
"The hardened-php project has yet to release a suhosin patch for PHP 5.3.0. We’re already using PHP 5.3, therefore I’ve modified the 0.9.7 patch for 5.2.10 to work with 5.3.0."

There's a download link to the Suhosin patch there as well.

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Kevin van Zonneveld (kvz) said :
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Popa Adrian Marius (mapopa) said :

Already we have php 5.3.1 rc and karmic is still with old php5.2.x

Anyway suhosin should not be enabled or added as default in ubuntu there are some weird issues with uploading and
it's not accepted upstream so i ubuntu karmic is keeping php behind the latest stable

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ravi pop (ravipop321) said :

this website is build based on the php 5.3 you check this website code