bencoder (related to bcompiler) not working on command line

Asked by Sureshkumar S.V.

I have installed bcompiler & downloaded bencoder from on command line bencoder gives the message 'bash: /usr/local/bin/bencoder: /usr/local/bin/php: bad interpreter: No such file or directory'. My system is on Ubundu 7.04, PHP 5.2.1 & appache2, firefox2.
Also give me bcompiler or any other free best compiler to compile a web application so that source code wiil not visible to others & fast running & please mention complete installation & running procedures

Sureshkumar S.V.

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Sureshkumar S.V. (sureshsvkseb) said :

open source encrypting procedures also required

Sureshkumar s.V.

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Michael Glauche (michael-glauche) said :

change the first line to #!/usr/bin/php (or wherever your php-cli executeable is installed, check "which php")

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Sureshkumar S.V. (sureshsvkseb) said :

Thanks Michael Glauche, that solved my question.

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Sureshkumar S.V. (sureshsvkseb) said :

Thanks for giving solution for php-cli running bencoder, but bencoder (bcompiled code) gives encrypted results while running in firefox2.0. Please give me a solution that bcompiled code (or any other free suitable compiler, original source code cann't be read by others due to security reasons in an industrial environment/source code converted to binary code) run on firefox2 that give same result and better performance as running original source code

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Sureshkumar S.V. (sureshsvkseb) said :

File name changed with php extension working, but php manual gives a warning message that bcompiler is experimental. whether can it be used for industrial/commercial environment. Also LT Database name, html etc visible. Whether html, java, ajax can be compiled state/binary form sothat these codes are non readable to others

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Sascha Grossenbacher (berdir) said :

As long as you use a "normal" browser, there has to be always readable html etc. at the end, how should it be displayed otherwise?

and for bcompiler, you should carefully read the following statement (

"The paragraph on code protection is somewhat misleading. While it is correct that the exact source code can not be recreated this does not offer anything in terms of code protection and lures people into a false sense of security. The same was thought of machine code until backward-engineering became so advanced that programs were "rewritten" to change the behaviour of functions or enable/disable them and the same is true for classes.

Overconfidence and "impossibilities" are what people looking for a challenge thrive on. Encryption and obfuscation are ways to make it more difficult but not impossible. As a general rule if it can be executed it can be modified so if you don't want it to be put under the microscope then don't release it in the first place."

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Sureshkumar S.V. (sureshsvkseb) said :

Thanks Sascha Grossenbacher, that solved my question.

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Sureshkumar S.V. (sureshsvkseb) said :
#8 mentions that


"This extension is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this extension—including the names of its functions and any other documentation surrounding this extension—may change without notice in a future release of PHP. This extension should be used at your own risk."

I want to know what are the risks in using bcompiled code i.e, any malfunction of functions/project. Or only the problem is recreation of code. Can give me any comment on execution speed. Is it possible convert html code as binary/unreadable as php code

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Best codeslinger (codeslinger) said :

In answer to some of your questions:

I know from other discussions I have read, that there are certain types of constructs that can be troublesome for php compliers such as trying to resolve the location of __FILE__ but I don't have specific knowledge of any issues with bcompiler.

I took a look at the dev site etc and from what I can see the project looks pretty comatose, no updates since 2006, no discussion forums, no wiki, etc..

I suggest that you take a look at it has the same/similar goals as bcompiler but the big difference is that this project is under active development. I believe that eAccelerator meets the requirements that you outlined above. I haven't used it but I've heard good things about it. There are also many commercial products available to do this type of thing which I am sure you can easily find in your favorite search engine.

Note, my basis for providing this information is that this is a topic which I have studied in order to meet my own needs for a code complier/obfuscator, but I have not yet implemented any of these solutions so can not give you first hand experience.

Nothing can ever be totally secure as long as there is the possibility of unsupervised access to the code. But you can achieve a "good enough solution", in which the security is good enough for most purposes of code distribution. Basically if the cost/effort required to decode your program is substantially greater than the benefit to be gained then no one will bother to crack it.


In general, this is the wrong place to be asking these types of questions. this is the Ubuntu forum. It is primarily concerned with issues of getting php to install/run properly on Ubuntu. For questions about the actual operation and usage of php you should go to the php forums.

Try these links

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Sureshkumar S.V. (sureshsvkseb) said :

Thanks codeslinger, that solved my question.