ImportError: No module named xmlproc.xmldtd

Asked by Liox on 2010-08-29

I compiled and installed the Pacemaker-Python-GUI on Ubuntu Lucid but if I try to run it, I will get the error mentioned in the summary. Do I miss a needed package?
Unfortunate the search engine results are not very helpful. It mention a python-xml package, but this seems not available in Lucid.
The Python GUI for pacemaker seem also not available in the standard repositories. May somebody knows where I get a running version.
Thanks in advance

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Liox (liox) said : #3

Thanks Sam for your reply. All this pages I already know. I also installed pacemaker and heartbeat from the repository and searched with mc for '' '' and '', because all three names are mentioned in various howtos. But it seems the GUI is missing, or simply I do not find it. :(
By the way, the latest version of the GUI on the page will not compile with pacemaker from the repository, because it is written for pacemaker 1.1. So I used an older version (Pacemaker-Python-GUI-pacemaker-mgmt-2.0.0). But I tried just as test to start the which I found on the newest version of the gui and got the same error I mentioned in the summary. So I guess, even if I get the newest gui version installed, I have the same error message.

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #4

Seems last GUI was in Jaunty and found this hint,

Liox (liox) said : #5

Thanks very much for your answer Sam. I really appreciate that. But proxmox-ve is not an option for me.

Liox (liox) said : #7

Finally I got the GUI running. I just installed the package from Debian Sid: Because I just need the client part on my Lucid that solves my problem.
You should keep in attention, if you like to manage pacemaker over the GUI you have to install the server part as well. If this is working with Lucid I can not say because our server running Debian Lenny. There I installed the server package which I found here: