I'm using gmail.com in mozilla's Firefox version 3; cannot seem to find ssh.

Asked by John Wagner on 2008-10-17

I'm trying to login in to my account at CalTech; according to their FAQ, "if you are running a linux system, go to the terminal, and type "ssh[yourusername]@login.cs.caltech.edu" ." Well, it certainly doesn't work on Ubuntu 8.04. I know that I'm ignorant, and a newbie, and fumbling. Can someone help? I've wasted my life programming, you see?

Thanks for any advice, and PgP won't do, by the way.

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marcobra (Marco Braida)
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Launchpad seems to be a great idea with no use whatsoever. It's appropriate
that you call the janitor, though, because he's faithful at sweeping
questions away, unanswered. It's great for cleanliness, and it teaches
self-reliance. All that stuff one hears about Canonical and the "Ubuntu
way" of helping each
other out is just bogus, isn't it? Well, I know enough now not to ask any
more questions, at least. I also think that photo on the distro paperback
of the three joyful youth dancing ring-around-the-rosy while inebriated is
in poor taste. I think it's a pretty good version of Linux, myself--better
than advertised in your own breezy literature. Cheers.

John Wagner
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John Wagner
Los Angeles

The ssh [yourusername]@login.cs.caltech.edu is not a Firefox command is a terminal command..

So please open a Terminal from the menu Applications → Accessories → Terminal and type:

ssh [yourusername]@login.cs.caltech.edu

substitute [yourusername] with your real user name assigned to you from caltech.edu


ssh <email address hidden>

Hope this helps

John Wagner (gnujohn) said : #4


Yeah, you solved my problem, and completely! Thanks, man, a million-fold. If there's anything I can ever do to help you, feel free to call on me. You were right to the point, and you got me there: right now, I'm logged in, and working on my programs without having to drive all the way out to Pasadena from Koreatown. Thanks so very much.

John Wagner (gnujohn) said : #5


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