cannot access my server with ssh

Asked by Rykuu Disaga on 2012-05-27

I was tring to make the server's ip static using this guide:

But now I cannot access it with SSH (it is on my home network). So I have to plug in my keyboard and moniter into the computer.

Any help is appriciated, it is a pain plugging and unplugging cordes and cables.

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What mean cannot access ? Please give us more details on messages you get...

Then you said "But now I cannot access it with SSH (it is on my home network). " so ssh is working, might be a firewall configuration if you are trying to access via ssh from web.

Please give us details...

Rykuu Disaga (rykuu) said : #2

What I do is what I have been normaly doing (opening up Putty, typing the ip and start the connection) but it times out.

codemaniac (arijit.dutta) said : #3

can you ping the mentioned IP from other hosts on the network ?

Rykuu Disaga (rykuu) said : #4

in CMD I typed "ping" and it replied by switching it to and saying "destination host is unreachable"

codemaniac (arijit.dutta) said : #5

You cannot ssh to a host that is not reachable , if you are running any firewall than chances are that the firewall may be dropping your requests .You need to provide some more information on this .

Rykuu Disaga (rykuu) said : #6

I had tried to redo my firewall yeasterday using this guide ( ) but I was getting an error saying something like "could not do line 33" (or something to that extent), but decided to leave that for another time, I assumed my firewall was not changed at all from the fresh OS install.

Do you have openssh-server package installed? Is it running. You can check with:

server ssh status


Rykuu Disaga (rykuu) said : #8

when I do that command, it says " the program 'server' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: apt-get install rsplib-tools"

Is that something I need?

Rykuu Disaga (rykuu) said : #9

As I was not far into everything, I have decided to reinstall the OS and start from scratch (4 days work is much quicker the second time round). But I have one question and then you can lock this. What is a proven to work guide for making the IP static?


sudo service ssh status

codemaniac (arijit.dutta) said : #11

You can ask your ISP to provide you with a static IP .
Else if you are having a dynamic one , then you can map your hostname to the dynamically changing IP .
 So here is how to use DynDNS hostname for your dynamic IP.

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