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I'm using's spreadsheet program, and in one of the columns i'm entering numbers in this format: #-#-# (ex: 4-4-0). However, it keeps thinking it's a date and changing it to DD/MM/YY (04/04/00). I tried changing how the program displays autodates by creating one for D-M-Y, but that now only shows up as #-#-Y (4-4-Y). Needless to say, I'd really like to know how to turn this feature off, if it can be done.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :
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CharlieDeltaCharlie (cdc191) said :

Nope, appreciate the help, but that doesn't seem to have anything to do with it.

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Best Kevin Hunter (hunteke) said :

What you want is to deactivate OOo's automatic date conversion, yes? OpenOffice's help system is actually very helpful. Try:

- Hit F1 on your keyboard, or go to Help→ Help
- Click on the Index tab
- Type in 'date' and see what options it puts you near:
 → "date formats - avoiding conversion to"

Or, spelled out: the trick is to put a single apostrophe at the beginning of your input. The apostrophe won't show in the display, but it will prevent OOo from attempting to (incorrectly) convert your input to a date.

Caveat: the first character needs to be an apostrophe, not a "smart quote". So you'll also need to turn off single custom quotes: Tools→AutoCorrect→Custom Quotes

The ' is the text version of the =. To create a formula, you use the "=" character. (=A1+1, =2*A2/B2+C2). To create text, you use the apostrophe character. ('4-4-0, '12-29-13)

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CharlieDeltaCharlie (cdc191) said :

Thanks Kevin Hunter, that solved my question.

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CharlieDeltaCharlie (cdc191) said :

Outstanding, thanks a lot, Kevin.