Is it possible to solve equations?

Asked by Mike Hunt

Is it possible to get Open Office to solve an equation, for example 2x-54=66*2? So it would give an answer in the form of x = ?.

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Mike Hunt
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Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :

Hi Mike,

The normal way to solve this equation is to rearrange it thus

x = ((66*2)+54)/2

Calc would then solve that. But so would a calculator. Do you have something more complex in mind?


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Mike Hunt (v1ct0rpwns) said :

Well you're not doing an equation there but just a regular... Math. Thing. I want to be able to put a real equation (like I posted) and get the answer, like I can do here:

The reason I want to use Open Office is because I need to be able to do this while offline.

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Tom (tom6) said :

HI :)

I think the simple answer is that OpenOffice doesn't have the functionality included as standard. Have you looked into latex? Also have you tried looking in Synaptic Package Manager. I often find extra functionality easy to add in through a search in there.

So far i have found a lot of stuff that i can't really tell what it does
axiom, calcoo, galculator, jacal (most likely looking one so far), mathomatic, pari-gp (also quite a plausible one), sagemath & xmaxima (looking good)
It looks as though there is a ton of other stuff made to feed into programming or specialist stuff although there was a lot for matrices, polynomials and stuff like that. Perhaps worth installing a few and seeing which does what you want?

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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jtniehof (jtniehof) said :

No, OpenOffice cannot do algebra. There is a component which can find solutions to a subset of equations:
but that usually requires some rearranging of the problem and may be no easier than simply doing the algebra.

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Mike Hunt (v1ct0rpwns) said :

Allright, I'm gonna look for another solution then.