How do I make one page landscape and the rest portrait in an OO document?

Asked by grainbcn on 2007-06-06

If I go to format > page, and check 'landscape', it turns my whole document into landscape. I only want one page in landscape. How do I do that? Thnx

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You need to make page styles.

1. Click Format > Styles and Formatting: this brings up the style bar...

2. Click the 4th icon from the left at the top of the style bar... it is the icon for PAGE styles...

3. Right click the "Default" entry and go to "New"

4. On the "Organizer" tab, name the new style something like "Landscape style" and make sure the "Next Style" field is a portrait style, like "Default" for instance.

5. On the "Page" tab, modify your "Landscape style" style to actually use landscape mode.

6. Good, now just double click your new style in the style bar to apply it. This will make the first page landscape, and all the others will be portrait.

7. If you want a different page to be landscape, it seems you will have to make new styles and modify their "Next style" field... for instance, if you put the "next style" for "default" to your new "landscape style" and then put the "next style" of your "landscape style" to "default", you will end up with a document where it switches between landscape and portrait on every other page....

8. Make sure to apply the style by double clicking it in the list, after you have made it. It seems to me that you'll have to just mess around with the "next style" fields until you get the page you need...

grainbcn (hhobbelink) said : #2

Thanks for the answer Peter,
This does the trick, but it's quite a cumbersome method. I often produce texts (portrait) with large tables (landscape) in them. In Word I just defined page formatting 'this point onwards'. I guess OO doesn't have this feature... or does it? If anyone can shed light on this, I would appreciate. If not, I'll go with Peter's suggestion.

Ralph Janke (txwikinger) said : #3

It seems cumbersome, because you are not used to it. All the styles in are done in OO in exactly the same way. It is a different paradigm. I think after you get used to it, you see the advantages of it.

Especially if you often produce this kind of formatting in new documents, you will see the benefits, when all you need to do is to select an already existing page style and all your formatting is the way you want it.

grainbcn (hhobbelink) said : #4

Thanks Ralph Janke, that solved my question.

grainbcn (hhobbelink) said : #5

Sorry to open this discussion again, but I am not able to solve my problem with the suggestions that I got. I have a 10 page text in OO writer, of which I need page 5 and page 8 in landscape. With Peter's suggestion, I can make the first page landscape, make every other page landscape,.... but not the pages I need. Ralph, I'm all for changing paradigm after the Windows headache, and I am delighted with OO otherwise. But I can't seem to figure this one out.

Ralph Janke (txwikinger) said : #6


The idea is that you have styles with an information which style will follow.

In you case your landscape style should probably lead in "next style" to default or the style your portrait pages have. Then you set page 5 and page 8 to the page style for landscape you have created.

Does this help? If not what happens, or what doesn't happen? What are the actions you used?

Best grainbcn (hhobbelink) said : #7

Dear Raph,

I found it!

It took me a while, but in the end I found the answer in the OO help feature.

I'll explain, for the benefit of the other people that might have the same question. With the Format --> Styles and Formatting, I defined my landscape style ok. But then to actually apply it to a singly page, you have to apply formatting the first paragraph of the page in question. Not entirely logical in my view, but still: it worked.

Below I copy the instructions from OO help that shed light on my problem.

 Thanks a lot for being there & helping out!

To Use Landscape and Portrait Page Orientation in the Same Document
Before you begin, ensure that you have created a page style that uses landscape page orientation. See To Change the Page Orientation to Landscape or Portrait for details.
1.Click into the first paragraph where you want to change the page orientation.
2.Choose Format - Paragraph.
3.Click theText Flow tab.
4.Under Breaks, enable Insert. Then enable With Page Style. Select a page style that uses the landscape or portrait page orientation.
To change the orientation of the current page only, select a page style where the Next Style option is set to "Default".
To change the orientation of the current and subsequent pages, select a page style where the Next Style option is set to the name of the page style.
If you want to change the page orientation later on in the document, repeat these steps for the first paragraph on the page.
5.Click OK.

Thanks a lot, this helped me ! indeed, this is not a very intuitive approach.

will (myfreewills) said : #9

you guys did a great job. It helped a lot.

Richard Craig (richard1gb) said : #10