Can't open html file for editing in word processor

Asked by Mike Duerksen

When trying to open an html file, which contains tabular data, so that I can edit it, I get a message saying I have to enable frames in order to view "this website". The file I am opening is stored on my local hard drive, and IS NOT a website. I've tried saving the file from my browser as a text file, but get a zero byte file, and I cannot find any way to enable frames that will make sense.

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Tony Pursell
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Steve (stupendoussteve-deactivatedaccount) said :

Try right clicking the file and going to Open With > Text Editor.

Chances are it is not opening with the correct application.

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Mike Duerksen (micaheld2000) said :

Thank you, Steven.

I don't think I stated my problem clearly enough, though. The text editor lets me edit the html code that governs the presentation of the file, but I need to edit the actual data that is presented, which is in tabular form. (Think bank account printout, and audit). For that, I think I need the word processor, because I don't have a spreadsheet editor. And as a recent convert from WinDoze products, I know that Excel wouldn't open html coded tables without munging them all up in presentation.

Come to think of that, is there a spreadsheet app available for Open Office, or compatible with it? One that will proprely handle html, even? I'm an OO newbie, so forgive the dumb questions, please.


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Jensen Somers (jsomers) said :

Using a Word processor for that is not a correct way of doing that. (They should slap the guy who created this functionality for MS Word.)

If you don't want to edit it via raw HTML but are looking for a design view such as provided by Frontpage and DreamWeaver on Windows I suggest you take a look at KompoZer [1]. As far as I know it's the only editor available on Linux which provides a feature like that.


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Mike Duerksen (micaheld2000) said :

I'll try that, thanks. I don't want to change the view, though, unless its to add a column to the table, and then edit the column. That is what I did in Word before, with the files I get from my accounts at Navy Federal. I'll let you know what happens.

So, on to my other question, above. Do you (or anyone else here) know of a spreadsheet app for Linux?

Thanks again.


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Best Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :

Calc in, of course, but also many other apps like Gnumeric. Look in Add/Remove programs.

By the way, do Navy Federal allow you to download accounts in CSV format? Many financial institutions here in the UK do that. You can then open the CSV file in Calc.

Also, I find that when I go to my bank, and call up my account, I can highlight the table with my transactions in and paste it directly into a Calc spreadsheet. Have you tried that?


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Mike Duerksen (micaheld2000) said :


Thank you. I haven't tried those tricks, but I will. And I'm going to mark this as solved, because I'm certain something here will solve my problem. Thanks to you, and all the others, who took the time to answer a newb's dumb questions.

I've used the OO Calculator, but didn't know I could paste a data table into it. I'll have to see how that works, or if Calc is different than the calculator that shows up in Ubuntu Apps menu. Whichever, I'm sure one of these will do the job.


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Mike Duerksen (micaheld2000) said :

Thanks Tony Pursell, that solved my question.