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Asked by Jim Isbell

I want to place a photo on the OpenOffice page and then I want to subdue it...reduce to a shadow image? and then write text over it. I tried the solution offered for text over picture, which does not mention reducing the intensity of the image, but I couldnt even get the text over the picture. There was no place for me to set "Transparency" to 100% or any other percent when I went to the frame properties. When I placed text in the frame, it disappeared.
What I want is a subdued image so the text will show and not be hidden by the bright colors of the picture. I just want the picture as a background similar to a watermark...but a little stronger.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

you may try editing it with GIMP as it includes an enormous variety of options

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Jim Isbell (jim-isbell) said :

I have tried that as well, but cannot figure out how in Gimp either.

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Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :

If you click the image you get a set of Picture tools. There is a transparency option. Try that. Also, right click and select Wrap > Wrap Through to enable text to show through an image.


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Jim Isbell (jim-isbell) said :

Are you talking about OO.org Writer, or Gimp.

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Jim Isbell (jim-isbell) said :

I dont get a "Picture Tools" on either one when I click the image?

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Best DrewJensen (atjensen) said :

Hi Jim,

Try this.

Open a new writer file.

Now select
Insert Frame
When the frame dialog opens go to the background tab
Change the property "As" from "color" to "graphic"
Select your picture
Now in the lower left corner of this dialog page you will see a control "Transparency.
Be sure to set the Borders for the new frame to NONE
Then set the wrap property, FOR THE FRAME, to "Through"

You canresize and place the frame as you see fit.



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Jim Isbell (jim-isbell) said :

Thanks DrewJensen, that solved my question.