Asked by Flutturby on 2008-08-26

I'm not too certain as to whether this has been asked, or what, but I have looked around the place to see whether or not others have had the same problem.. 8D

Okay, well..
First off, I have no idea how this happened. My mother (Computer Illiterate <<;) was using the computer whilst I was at school, and seems to think all she did was go into 'File' and 'Save' to save some simple documents she had saved.

My problem? I seem to have magically come upon Accented Keys when I type in First time it's happened, and I haven't had anything to do with it. So it must've been simple enough for my mum to somehow have been able to change it to that. It only happens in OOo, though, which is even more confusing. Of what I've read, if it's something like this with Accents, it goes through with all of the Programs you use and such? Mm.

I have checked my Keyboard settings, my computer settings, and stuff that would normally have to do with the normal Language. But I can't seem to figure it out.. Anybody know of what I can do to change this, seeming I suppose I'm also pretty OOo illiterate? Hahah. Sorry if it's so simple, I get a little worked up over small things making me look stupid 8D


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Andrew (and471) said : #1

I haven't encountered this before, so I am working out as I go along here :-)

You say it is only in OpenOffice, well then in OpenOffice, go to Tools > Options

Select Language Settings from the left sidebar.

And then write down all your settings in that part and paste them here.

Flutturby (flutturby) said : #2

Oh goodness me..
It seems as though my mother has 'magically' made it go back to normal now after using it again and pretty much throwing major angers it's way. I'm sick today, so I was asleep, but she was trying to print things and... I don't know how she did it, it's pretty weird. I really don't understand it at all... Hahah.

I'm sorry for wasting your time and everything :O I should really figure out what happened, though, in case it happens again, I don't know.

Everything seems to be in order, now, though.. I'm really confused as to what's happened, though D: I am terribly sorry, though, I suppose I should have waited longer to see if anything happened, and if it didn't, I should've posted here 8D. I think I'll be supervising my mother from now on <<; Hahah.

Thanks, though, for your time~ <3

Andrew (and471) said : #3

Hehe thats fine