Converting footnotes to endnotes

Asked by neogrammarian on 2008-06-13

Corel's Wordperfect has the really useful feature of a one-button macro that converts footnotes into endnotes, so that you don't have to go through a document, and create each replacement endnote by hand, fill it w/pasted in type, and delete each footnote. For those of us writing docs w/hundreds of notes, this feature is a godsend. I can't seem to find a similar function in OO. Any ideas?



PS- no, the solution is Not to simply use endnotes from the get-go. There is often no way to know which you will be asked to produce in a final product, thanks.

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Ralph Janke (txwikinger) said : #1

Thanks for the question.

Did you try under find&replace->more options->search styles

replace the footnote styles with the endnote styles.

I have not tried that but I would think it is worth a shot.

Hope this helps.

neogrammarian (k-e-kennedy) said : #2

Thanks Ralph, that sounds like a really reasonable solution.

Sadly, it doesn't seem to work- I'm not sure what it does do, as the results seem to vary (mostly just changing random footnotes' fonts, oddly enough) but footnotes they remain.

Anyone have a more developed solution? I bet this is on the right track.

Best Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said : #3


From Tools, Footnotes, you can edit the numbering, counting, position and continuation notice. The page number will automatically be inserted after the continuation notice. You can add text before or after the footnote character to appear in the note:

In the style list, Character styles, you can edit the size of the superscripts or fonts used for the footnote anchor, and footnote character

In the style list, Paragraph styles, you can edit the font used for the footnote style

While editing footnotes in the document, you can scroll through them with the text cursor to the previous or next note. When the cursor reaches the last footnote, it will continue to the first endnote. When you scroll up through the endnotes and reach the first endnote, the cursor will jump to the last footnote.

Each index number in the text is a hyperlink to the note. Each index number in the note is a hyperlink to the index number in the text. Click on the index numbers to jump back and forth between text and notes.

Select a footnote index anchor, right-click, and select Footnote to edit footnotes, change them to endnotes, or change the numbers to characters. Click on the … button to insert special characters

Use the scroll arrows to scroll right through the document, editing each footnote in turn. This is an easy way to change footnotes to endnotes.


Bhavani Shankar.

neogrammarian (k-e-kennedy) said : #4

Well, Bhavani, I'm unclear how most of that relates to converting footnotes to endnotes, but the final two bullets do the trick in my test file- thanks so much, you've saved me hours and hours of cutting and pasting!

gdanning (gdanning) said : #5

I just went to Tools --> footnotes --> select "end of document" rather than "end of page." It seemed to work

neogrammarian (k-e-kennedy) said : #6

Thanks gdanning- the previous formatting-paths worked, but the formatting was unstable. Close a file, reopen it, and I would get a crop of random zombie footnotes. I've tried your path now, and we'll cross our fingers and hope it's stable!