Need Instructions and Translation of Terms for TOC

Asked by Ichido on 2012-06-15

I have written a novel using OO 3.2.
I need information, instructions on how to create a Table of Contents.
The 'Helps' I found here are too Cryptic, confusing and incomplete.
Is there a site were I can get detailed Information on how to Create and Edit a Table of Contents?

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You will need to use the formatting and label each heading as 'heading 1', 'heading 2' etc.

When they are all labelled, you can use this:

Ichido (daylinux) said : #2

Thanks! But...
I have never used that feature before.
When I tried to insert a Table, it jumped to the top of the very first page!?

Do I name the Chapters a Title?
Do I name just the Chapter Title a Title?
Do I give each chapter a Title #?
There are only 10 Titles and I have 32 Chapters in my book.

Is there a web page or a Document I can down load for my questions or is going to be a 'Trial and Error' Process?
Thanks again for your reply.

Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #3

Go to here:

and download the Writer Guide. This is for LibreOffice, but there is little difference with OpenOffice.

Table of Contents is in Chapter 12 which starts on page 320 of the version 3.4 Guide.


Ichido (daylinux) said : #5

Thank you, ajpursell for the Guide downloads!

Thank you, and-sam for the links!

Ichido (daylinux) said : #6

Is a "Table" the same as a "Chapter" of a book?

Ichido (daylinux) said : #7

Tony, "Table of Contents is in Chapter 12 which starts on page 320 of the version 3.4 Guide."
That section is for "Creating A Macro".
Is a Macro the same as a link to the Chapter?

Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #8

Are you looking at the version 3.4 Writer Guide? Or the 3.3 Writer Guide. Chapter 12 in both are about Table of Contents, Indexes and Bibliographies. Chapter 13 in the 'Getting Started' Guide is about Macros.

Page numbers are a bit hit and miss - Adobe Reader shows page 320 for Chapter 12 of the version 3.4 Writer Guide, but the 'printed' page number is 330.

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #9

The table is quasi a listing of the content.
Chapters can be part of the content.

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