HOw to make superscripts in Open Office Writer

Asked by Richard Lawrence

I am needing to write superscripts and subscripts in a document I am creating and cannot find a font entiled superscript or subscript. I know if have done it before but have forgotten how to.
Please send me instructions for doing so.

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Tony Pursell
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mycae (mycae) said :

At the right hand side fot he formatting toolbar, there should be a dropdown arrow. Select that, then select "visible buttons", then select "superscript"

This should make a superscript formatting tool appear.

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Richard Lawrence (lawrencrj) said :

The answer I got was not helpful -- I have a format menu but could not find a formatting tool bar or any tool that had "visible buttons" as a choice. I am assuming that he person who answered the question had a different version of the writer than I have. Nonetheless, I want to thank the person for his attempt at assisting me.

However, while waiting I discovered a way to make a superscript (though it was awkward because it was only effective for the one point I was at and had to be reselected for each point where the superscrip was required.

The way I did it is to go to the format menu and choose "character" and there it had the choice of superscript, normal, and subscript. Check the superscript and then click on OK and wherever your curser is currently pointing will give you the superscript. If you have another place where you want to insert a superscript you need to move your cursor to that point and go through the process all over again. But at least it was a can do.

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :
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mycae (mycae) said :

We are likely using the same version of openoffice.

Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean.

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Best Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :


Ctrl-Shift-P will toggle superscript on/off

Ctrl-Shift-B will toggle subscript on/off


Select (highlight) text and right click on it and select Style > Superscript/Subscript

There really is so many ways to do any formatting task.


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Richard Lawrence (lawrencrj) said :

I had already figured out a way to do it ... HOWEVER, I have tried this method and it is a LOT quicker and easier than the method I had discovered. (Going to the format menu and choosing charater and then clicking on superscript or normal or subscript.) The method given by Tony Pursell is much quicker and easier. Thanks a lot!!