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Andres Mujica (andres.mujica) said :

In fact, i believe that oo.o from ubuntu is the same What i mean is that it's a compilation that includes solver besides some things that didn't were accepted by sun in official build. So wha tyou're using is the same

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Kẏra (thekyriarchy) said :

No, i don't believe it is.

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Andres Mujica (andres.mujica) said :

You can try - WITH PRECAUTION!!! - to use alien in order to install this go-oo
SuSe Builds.

But i must insist on my previous comment, go-ooo is not a fork, it's an
openoffice built with a collection of patches not accepted by upstream (sun)
for several reasons (political, commercial, technical ones).

Main distros as SuSe, Ubuntu and others had included those patches in their
own versions. So the OO.O Ubuntu's version it's - almost (maybe not all the
go-ooo patches are in it) - the same Go-OO.

In fact at the go-oo download site ( is stated:

    Ubuntu provides in their repositories. To install it just
type as root

    # apt-get install

El Sábado 13 Octubre 2007 23:26, Danny Piccirillo escribió:
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> No, i don't believe it is.

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Frederik Elwert (frederik-elwert) said :

I just tried it out: Ubuntu's OO.o in Hardy can import SVG files, and it has multimedia support out of the box. So I guess they indeed integrated at least these features from go-oo.

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Gabriel Mazetto (brodock) said :

there are more than just SVG and Multimedia...

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Best Anders Norgaard (anders-norgaard) said :

Go-oo is what is in Ubuntu. Look in the package files. The ooo-build patches is go-oo. See also the feature schedule
Upload 3.0.0 (with final ooo-build updates)

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Kusa (kusageek) said :

See in Linux Planet n°54, Ubuntu have go-oo instead openoffice.
Right or wrong?

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markor (markoresko) said :

It is truely a mistery why Sun does not include Go-oo additions in main OpenOffice distribution.
Now if I want the same things with I get in Ubuntu for friends on Windows, They should use
Go-oo and not from Sun-controlled site..

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Kẏra (thekyriarchy) said :

Thanks biehl, that solved my question.