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Asked by Steve Spyker

In Open Office Writer: If I go to view/toolbars and uncheck everything, I still have this stupid toolbar with (left to right) a pulldown menu with nothing in it prompting for a "URL Name," a long text box labled "URL:", a little target icon, a"hyperlink" icon (shaded out), and a "Find" icon (also shaded out). I just want to make this stupid thing go away, forever for all I care since I can't imagine why I'd want any this stuff in my text documents and it's taking up valuabe real estate on my already tiny netbook screen.

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Tony Pursell
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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

If you right click the bar, is there an option to remove it?

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Best Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :

Hi Steve

I have in my View > Toolbars menu and item called 'Hyperlink Bar'. When the 'toolbar' that you describe is not there, this menu item has an icon against it consisting of a mouse with a partial globe. When I click on this menu item, the Hyperlink Bar is enabled (as you describe) and the icon disappears. When I click on it again, the Hyperlink Bar disappears and the icon reappears. There is not a tick mark, but it is still a toggle, like the other tool bar items.

What do you see happen? Is it any different to what I describe?


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Steve Spyker (spykest) said :

Thanks Tony Pursell, that solved my question.

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Steve Spyker (spykest) said :

Thanks very much indeed. Surprised I didn't notice that. On the other hand, why the heck doesn't it just have a check box like all the other toolbars? This may not rise to the level of a bug, but it's some pretty lousy interface design IMHO,if it's even intentional. My guess is it's more of an oversight, which would make it a bug of sorts I suppose. Worth reporting?

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Steve Spyker (spykest) said :

PS: Right-clicking on the bar did nothing

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Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said :

Hi Steve

This is the sort of inconsistency that seem so bug a lot of users of all sorts of software, not just OOo. If you feel strongly about it, do file an issue, starting at


When I look at this, the Hyperlink Bar (and Formula below it) are not true toolbars. You will not find them in the drop down list of toolbars in View > Toolbars > Customise, nor can you move them around and re-dock them, for instance. They are slim panels that behave like Data sources and Navigator, so I think they would be better, and more logically, located at the bottom of the main View menu with those items.

Thanks for closing your question.