Www.Prorealtime.Com is ultra slow with ubuntu

Asked by 1stormrider on 2011-04-20

Hi there

i use prorealtime.Com for financial charting .

It is all java based charts

when i launch the chart window, a java applet appears,

on any version of windows it runs normal, i can move my cursor around chart windows perfectly fine, and opening several windows is no problem at all, they line up neatly on the taskbar

on linpus linux it is slightly slower, but i hate linpus linux

on ubuntu, when you move the cursor through the charts, it is ultra slow to move around

the cursor on the screen lags the movement of the mouse by inches.

And launching more than 1 window causes it to disappear on the task bar, proving totally unuseable and causing unneccessary grief and headache

please can somebody address this extremely frustrating problem

i love using ubuntu it is the desktop " dream" software

but why cant it work with java at the same speed with windows???

Kind regards to all

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Can you give the output of:

dpkg -l | grep java; uname -a; lsb_release -a


Emre AYTAÇ (eaytac) said : #2

This problem may be releated with Openjdk. Please install Sun Java and test again. Please have a look at the following link;


Hope this helps...

Emre AYTAÇ (eaytac) said : #3

Sorry I forgot to say something. After install Sun java, you must select it as default java interpreter. Open terminal (press Ctrl-Alt-t buttons) and type the following;

sudo update-alternatives --config java

After that you should see a list of installed java versions. Select Sun java from list. Restart your web browser and test it again.

1stormrider (1stormrider) said : #4

HI Emre

i am not using ubuntu 10.10, because i have stability issues, i am using 10.04

 i typed in

 toshiba@toshiba-laptop:~$ sudo update-alternatives --config java
[sudo] password for toshiba:
There is only one alternative in link group java: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java
Nothing to configure.

This is all it came up with,

 I do not know anything about linux, please keep it easy for me to understand, many thanks

1stormrider (1stormrider) said : #5

Hi actionparsnip , i did what you asked, here is what i have

toshiba@toshiba-laptop:~$ dpkg -l | grep java; uname -a; lsb_release -a
ii ca-certificates-java 20100406ubuntu1 Common CA certificates (JKS keystore)
ii java-common 0.34 Base of all Java packages
ii java3ds-fileloader 1.2-1 Java3D 3DS FileLoader
ii javacc-doc 5.0-1 Documentation for the JavaCC Parser Generato
ii javahelp2 2.0.05.ds1-3 Java based help system
ii javahelp2-doc 2.0.05.ds1-3 Java based help system - contains Javadoc AP
ii libaccess-bridge-java 1.26.2-3 Java Access Bridge for GNOME
ii libaccess-bridge-java-jni 1.26.2-3 Java Access Bridge for GNOME (jni bindings)
ii libasm2-java 2.2.3-4 Java bytecode manipulation framework
ii libbcel-java 5.2-6 Analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Jav
ii libcommons-beanutils-java-doc 1.8.2-1 Javadoc API for libcommons-beanutils-java
ii libcommons-io-java 1.4-2ubuntu1 Common useful IO related classes
ii libcommons-javaflow-java 0.0~svn20060411-4 Java implementation of Continuations concept
ii libcommons-javaflow-java-doc 0.0~svn20060411-4 Java implementation of Continuations concept
ii libcommons-jci-java 1.0-3 common Java interface for various compilers
ii libcommons-jxpath-java 1.3-2ubuntu1 manipulate javabean using XPath syntax
ii libcommons-jxpath-java-doc 1.3-2ubuntu1 Javadoc API for libcommons-jxpath-java
ii libcommons-lang-java 2.4-4 Extension of the java.lang package
ii libcommons-logging-java 1.1.1-7 commmon wrapper interface for several loggin
ii libgeronimo-javamail-1.4-spec-java 1.2-0ubuntu1 Geronimo API implementation of the JavaMail
ii libgnumail-java-doc 1.1.2-4 free implementation of the javamail API (Jav
ii libjava3d-java 1.5.2+dfsg-5 Java 3D API (java library)
ii libjava3d-jni 1.5.2+dfsg-5 Java3D API (java jni library)
ii libjrexx-java 1.1.1-5ubuntu1 automaton based regular expression API for j
ii libnb-javaparser-java 6.8-0ubuntu1 Parser for the Java language which is good f
ii libregexp-java 1.5-2 Regular expression library for Java
ii librxtx-java 2.1.7r2-4ubuntu1 Full Java CommAPI implementation
ii libvecmath-java 1.5.2-2 javax.vecmath vector math package
ii sun-javadb-common Java DB common files
ii sun-javadb-javadoc Java DB javadoc
ii tzdata-java 2011e-0ubuntu0.10.04 time zone and daylight-saving time data for
Linux toshiba-laptop 2.6.32-30-generic #59-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 1 21:30:21 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS
Release: 10.04
Codename: lucid

If you enable the partner repo using software centre you can then run:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts

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