Backport of open-vm-tools for 8.04 LTS?

Asked by Lowell Alleman on 2008-11-18

Is there any chance of getting a backported release of open-vm-tools for hardy? I understand that there were stability concerns when 8.04 was first released, but there have been several new release to this package upstream over the last few months.

I currently have several VMs running 7.10 (the fist JEOS release) and it works great: Kernel upgrades just work, there is no need to recompile modules and reboot twice (increasing downtime). When I attempt to upgrade a 7.10 JeOS install to 8.04, I end up installing a bunch of extra stuff that I don't want on each VM: gcc, make, and kernel headers (nearly 75Mb), along with vmware's tools (nearly 300Mb, not including the additional 300Mb of temp space needed to unpack the installer; which also increase the total VM's total foot print even after deleting them, because of the way sparse disks work.) The point is: this ends up being very time consuming and messes up the whole "minimalistic footprint" idea that I thought the whole JeOS idea was meant to provide.

I see that the open-vm-tools have been made available again for newer releases 8.10 (and pre-release for 9.04), but I don't want to upgrade to a non-LTS platform at this point. We would like to have our VM servers be able to run on a LTS version so that we can keep them on a supported platform for longer with less maintenance. But right now the choice is between staying on (or moving to) a non-LTS platform and upgrading frequently, or moving to 8.04 and dealing with larger virtual machines and more headaches each kernel update / VMware release. I have a feeling that many other people would benefit from having this available as well, even if it meant adding a few extra lines to /etc/apt/sources.list.


- Lowell

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How to request new packages

When you need a package backported which is not currently available, create a new bug report in the Backports Product of Launchpad:

Ubuntu 8.04:

Choose a good summary that will quickly indicate the requested package needed (e.g. "Please backport open-vm-tools version"). Indicate the current version of the package and version you would like.

Hope this helps

Thanks Wyatt Smith, that solved my question.

FYI. It looks like this request has already been made: