where is the config file containing user changes found?

Asked by apinunt on 2015-12-27

We're trying to find where the snippets we've created are stored, and having installed 'onboard' on 2 notebooks and a tablet we find that one notebook contains

the tablet contains

and the second notebook has none of the above

We have created some snippets in each of them and they remain after a reboot therefore we assume the must be stored somewhere but have been unable to locate where.
Also note that there is no content in any of the folders mentioned above other than the empty folders.

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Possibly in dconf-editor

Lots of stuff in there. Worth a look.

To search in the terminal use something like:

dconf dump / | grep -i onboard

apinunt (apinunt) said : #3

Yes, I had looked there previously, but didn't widen the GUI or use the scroll bar, and sure enough they are displayed there and can be added, deleted, or changed with dconf-editor, and I finally found it is in .conf/dconf/user.


That's why the dump option is great as you can pipe the text to other commands.

apinunt (apinunt) said : #5

We were just wanting to know the file name where our changes were being stored.
The answer we needed was .conf/dconf/user found in our home folder.