nvidia-settings not persistent

Asked by Stuart Gillies

I have seen many reports, citing many versions of Ubuntu, of this problem (desktop brightness etc. settings not persistent across re-boots). According to some reports it is necessary to create files with commands in them to ensure this works. Others claim that these actions do not work. It is also stated, if I understand the bug report correctly, that it is fixed in Karmic.

It isn't fixed in my clean installation of Karmic, currently fully up-to-date. Nor have I been able to find a clear statement of a workaround that is certain to work.

I don't know if this is a problem for nvidia (to me it seems that they aren't reading or writing the correct file) or Ubuntu (if it is overwriting something).

Can I ask if anyone reading this has personal experience of this problem and knows a simple fix that works with Karmic? I would be grateful!

Experienced on a Zotac-Ion mobo with nvidia graphics built in.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Can you give the output of:

sudo lshw -C display; dpkg -l | grep nv


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Best Doug McMahon (mc3man) said :

should be fairly simple
open nvidia-settings as a normal user (not root
make any color correction, gamma changes you wish
In the left side box click on the last option - 'nvidia-settings Configuration' and then click on "Save Current Configuration"
In the pop up it should show saving as .nvidia-settings-rc to your home folder - that's want you want.

Then - System -> Admin.. -> Preferences -> Startup Applications -> Add
Create a new one with any name and use this as the command (copy & paste or note that's an l as in load, not 1 as in one

nvidia-settings -l

click save and you should be good

( if not then post back and you can set up a script, but this should suffice

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Stuart Gillies (gillies) said :

Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the efforts that you and others like you have put into Linux and Ubuntu and helping others and it is quite remarkable the progress that is being made. As a now-retired but still technically-savvy IT professional my interest in Linux is as a user - I prefer to expend my technical energies on amateur radio instead. And for users these relatively simple things are a complete mystery. I use the wife-test - something is not right if my wife (who is a Doctor but uses Ubuntu for office functions every day) would not tolerate it for a moment! If Ubuntu is to beat the competition then it has to eventually pass this test!

Problems like this, though simple, just add to the learning curve that many don't want to climb.

As for my problem Doug's solution works so thanks for that. I was confused by all the posts that talk about xorg.conf etc and missed the obvious myself.

And actionparsnip, here is the info from the command, if it helps diagnose why this problem remains in Karmic!

sudo lshw -C display; dpkg -l | grep nv
       description: VGA compatible controller
       product: ION VGA
       vendor: nVidia Corporation
       physical id: 0
       bus info: pci@0000:03:00.0
       version: b1
       width: 64 bits
       clock: 33MHz
       capabilities: pm msi bus_master cap_list rom
       configuration: driver=nvidia latency=0
       resources: irq:20 memory:fb000000-fbffffff memory:e0000000-efffffff(prefetchable) memory:f8000000-f9ffffff(prefetchable) ioport:ec00(size=128) memory:fafe0000-faffffff(prefetchable)

ii fakeroot 1.12.4ubuntu1 Gives a fake root environment
ii libbabl-0.0-0 0.0.22-1 Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion
ii libclutter-1.0-0 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 Open GL based interactive canvas library
ii libclutter-gtk-0.10-0 0.10.2-0ubuntu2 Open GL based interactive canvas library GTK
ii libconvert-binhex-perl 1.119+pristine-3 Perl5 module for extracting data from macint
ii libfreezethaw-perl 0.45-1 converting Perl structures to strings and ba
ii libgnome2-canvas-perl 1.002-2 Perl interface to the GNOME canvas library
ii libgnomecanvas2-0 2.26.0-1 A powerful object-oriented display - runtime
ii libgnomecanvas2-common 2.26.0-1 A powerful object-oriented display - common
ii libsamplerate0 0.1.7-2 audio rate conversion library
ii libtext-iconv-perl 1.7-1build1 converts between character sets in Perl
ii libwmf0.2-7 Windows metafile conversion library
ii libwmf0.2-7-gtk Windows metafile conversion library
ii libwpg-0.1-1 0.1.3-1 WordPerfect graphics import/convert library
ii nvidia-173-modaliases 173.14.20-0ubuntu5 Modaliases for the NVIDIA binary X.Org drive
ii nvidia-185-kernel-source 185.18.36-0ubuntu9 NVIDIA binary kernel module source
ii nvidia-185-libvdpau 185.18.36-0ubuntu9 Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix
ii nvidia-185-modaliases 185.18.36-0ubuntu9 Modaliases for the NVIDIA binary X.Org drive
ii nvidia-96-modaliases 96.43.13-0ubuntu6 Modaliases for the NVIDIA binary X.Org drive
ii nvidia-common Find obsolete NVIDIA drivers
ii nvidia-glx-185 185.18.36-0ubuntu9 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver
ii nvidia-settings 180.25-0ubuntu1 Tool of configuring the NVIDIA graphics driv
ii pnm2ppa 1.12-16.2ubuntu2 PPM to PPA converter
ii python-gnome2 2.28.0-0ubuntu1 Python bindings for the GNOME desktop enviro
ii python-gnomecanvas 2.28.0-0ubuntu1 Python bindings for gnomecanvas (debug exten
ii uno-libs3 1.5.1+OOo3.1.1-5ubuntu1 OpenOffice.org UNO runtime environment -- pu
ii ure 1.5.1+OOo3.1.1-5ubuntu1 OpenOffice.org UNO runtime environment
ii xorsa 0.7.0-14 tool for Celestial Mechanics investigations
ii xserver-xorg-video-nv 1:2.1.14-2ubuntu3 X.Org X server -- NV display driver

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Stuart Gillies (gillies) said :

Thanks Doug McMahon, that solved my question.