nvidia upgrade caused ubuntu 10.10 to crash

Asked by Cliffm on 2011-01-16

nvidia upgrade caused ubuntu 10.10 to crash
After downloading new version of driver for NVIDIA it requires the restart of Ubuntu. Ubuntu would not restart. I had to reload Ubuntu to gain access to my computer.

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Now that you have reinstalled Ubuntu, are you experiencing any problems? If you are seeking assistance, please specify what you need help with.

Cliffm (c2mcatee) said : #2

tried to install upgrade to NVIDIA drivers and crashed ubuntu again. Have reloaded Ububntu and am not trying to upload NVIDIA the recommended drivers . Question should this be treated as a bug?

Probably, yes. See the guidelines here for reporting bugs:

For us to know for sure if this is a bug, you would have to explain exactly what you mean when you say that Ubuntu "crashes." Does it fail to boot up? If so, do you get any error messages? If not, what does it do that you consider "crashing"?

Cliffm (c2mcatee) said : #4

After downloading and installing the NVIDIA update. It requires that Ubuntu 10.10 be restarted. After pressing the restart UBuntu shuts down as it should, after waiting 15 min, by the clock, Ubuntu had not restarted. The computer was still running, there was no response on the monitor or keyboard. I then turned off the computer, then restarted the computer but Ubuntu would not load. Needing to have my computer I decided to reload Ubuntu 10.10 and am in the process of resetting all the little things not saved.

Sounds like a bug, though if you have erased the system that had the bug, it would be difficult for you to report the bug in a useful manner. (That doesn't mean you should have kept the nonfunctional system. Someone else probably will report, or perhaps has already reported, the bug.)

Do you require any additional assistance on this issue?

Cliffm (c2mcatee) said : #6

I know but I could not get the system to come back up. I did try to download the NVIDIA drivers after re-loading Ubuntu. I got the same results. Since then I reloaded again and am now using Ubuntu. I don't plan on trying to down load NVIDIA drivers again at this time. If there was a way to help find the bug I would be willing to help.
Thanks Eliah for your help.