ntlmaps dpkg-reconfigure show different sets of installation wizard.

Asked by Renato Krause on 2009-03-22

I was installing a Ubuntu Intrepid server today. After, i transfer the file ntlmaps_0. by ssh to my $HOME. I execute : "sudo dpkg-i ntlmaps_0.". It presented an installation wizard. Ran: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure ntlmaps" and it show an assistant with more options. What happens?
Thanks for all atention.
Renato Krause

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Lars Ljung
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Lars Ljung (larslj) said : #1

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue and helping to make Ubuntu better. Examining the information you have given us, this does not appear to be a bug report so we are closing it and converting it to a question in the support tracker. We appreciate the difficulties you are facing, but it would make more sense to raise problems you are having in the support tracker at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu if you are uncertain if they are bugs. For help on reporting bugs, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs .

Lars Ljung (larslj) said : #2

What questions that are being asked depends on the priority level. The priority level can be set with the -p flag to dpkg-reconfigure.

Renato Krause (renatokrause) said : #3

But I need change the priority level of dpkg and not of dpkg-reconfigure. Is possible?
Lars, very thanks for you attention and time spend.
Renato Krause

Lars Ljung (larslj) said : #4

Apparently you can use "dpkg-reconfigure debconf" to set the priority level.

Renato Krause (renatokrause) said : #5

Thanks one more time Lars.

For finish i have one last question:

All the knowledge I have provided is invaluable. I believe that this process is to lay a little complex. I wanted to solve in a simple manner for the howto. As the majority of ISA proxy is in a AD, I would suggest this change of priority to the maintainer of the package. You know where I can find it?

Renato Krause

Best Lars Ljung (larslj) said : #6

I believe it's David Watson who is the maintainer of the ntlmaps package in both Debian and Ubuntu. See http://packages.qa.debian.org/n/ntlmaps.html

Renato Krause (renatokrause) said : #7

Thanks man. You are a great in help me.

Renato Krause (renatokrause) said : #8

Thanks Lars Ljung, that solved my question.