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Asked by sebastian-s on 2009-10-13

Hi, is it possible to show past notifications after they faded?

The situation is as follows:
I use NSsbackup to do my backups, NSsbackup sends a notification once the (manual) backup starts. If I leave my desk I will most likely miss messages by NSsbackup about errors in the backup process or that the backup has finished.

Regards Sebastian

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Richard de Vries
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This is not an answer to your question, but it might be a solution to your problem. NssBackup keeps a log file. It is stored under '~./local/share/nssbackup' for users and '/var/log' for super-users by default.

sebastian-s (sebastian-s) said : #2

Hi Richard,
good to know about the log file - but as you said the question remains open...

For some reason I didn't find this the last time, but I did now: ~/.cache/notify-osd.log

sebastian-s (sebastian-s) said : #4

thx this is good to know.

could this be added to the log-viewer app?

sebastian-s (sebastian-s) said : #5

Thanks Richard de Vries, that solved my question.