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Asked by Vincent van Beveren on 2007-04-27

I would like my WiFi network to work using the network manager provided with Feisty 7.04 in roaming mode. However I am unable to do anything sensible with the networkmanager. I am now able to connect to the internet with the manual configuration I set up in network/interfaces, bypassing the networkmanager. From reading the forums I am convinced I am not the only one with this problem.

I have an Ralink network card, it uses the rt2500 driver. It shows as ra0 in my list of interfaces.

It has the following symptoms while trying to use the network manager:
- It does show all available networks but with no signal strength
- when I select my network I can configure it
- when I press ok after configuring it keeping 'waiting for network key'.. however, its preshared WEP, so I don't think it should be waiting for the key I just entered.
- after a while it gives up

For the moment it is attempting to connect I can see the correct network settings using iwconfig. I can even start dhclient and get an internet connection up and going, but then when it gives up the network is deconfigured.

From what I got from the website of the network manager it does not support the rt2500 driver for WPA because it doesn't support 'extentions' (as mentioned on the site - see rt2x00 driver on the bottom of the page). However, since I am using WEP that should not be a problem. Apart from that I am un able to determin why it doesn't work.

Please tell me how I am able to get the network manager up and running properly with my rt2500 card. Any help would be appreciated Thanks!

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Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #1

Thanks for your question, i search in gogle, but i have found only a bug, this is a link:

Read all, the problem still continues in 7.04.


The description of the problem is different, but the cause seems to be the same. Thanks Massimo for looking this bug up for me. It doesn't solve the problem, but at least I can now follow the progress made on a possible solution.

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #3

Sorry, I'm not so good to help you in rewrite a driver.
But if you want you can use WPAPSK-TKIP, this is a little how-to:

$ sudo ifconfig ra0 up

$ route add default gw

$ sudo iwconfig ra0 essid inserisci_SSID

$ sudo iwpriv ra0 set AuthMode=WPAPSK

$ sudo iwpriv ra0 set EncrypType=TKIP

$ sudo iwpriv ra0 set WPAPSK="inserisci_pass"

change it with your data.

Or you can modify /etc/network/interfaces like this:

    auto ra0

    iface ra0 inet dhcp

    pre-up ifconfig ra0 up

    pre-up iwconfig ra0 essid “ESSID del vostro accesspoint”

    pre-up iwpriv ra0 set AuthMode=WPAPSK

    pre-up iwpriv ra0 set EncrypType=TKIP

    pre-up iwpriv ra0 set WPAPSK=”vostra chiave wpa”


Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #4

If you change interfaces the connection will open on the boot.ù


Thanks for the information Massimo, but I already had it working on start up, I just want it to work in roaming mode with the network manager. That is the part I can't get working.

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #6

For the momento only with comand line you can use roaming mode, sorry i don't any other way.


BigBrownChunx (eion) said : #7

You can use ndiswrapper with rt2500 windows drivers to get your card to work with NetworkManager. I do that with my card and it works great.

where can i download the rt2500 windows driver?

marvstod (marvin-stodolsky) said : #9

rt2500 is included with the compiled modules.
$ find /lib/modules/`uname -r` -name rt2500.ko

Load it with:
$ sudo modprobe rt2500

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