Netbook upgrade to 10.10 desktop is only wallpaper, no menus/taskbars

Asked by Brett Monroe

Ubuntu 10.04 installed on Dell Mini 10v; upgrade to 10.10 went smoothly; rebooted and logged in, desktop displays new wallpaper - that's it. No other gui functionality exists.

I can toggle into cli and log in that way.

I can login via the UNE 2D option and as the normal ubuntu desktop option just fine. Just not with the new UNE/unity environment.

Any idea what I need to do to reset/repair the new UNE environment to make it functional?

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Brett Monroe
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Corey B. (cbodendein) said :

Unity, the new interface in Ubuntu Netbook 10.10, requires 3D acceleration. It is likely that you don't have 3D acceleration on your netbook, so you can't use Unity.

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Brett Monroe (brettmonroe2001) said :

Good evening. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10v (1011) has an Intel Mobile 945Gm/GMS/GME 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller.

I believe it is capable of supporting 3D and from what I have read online, and generated from my own system that the output below appears to show that it is supporting 3D. However I am not sure what to make of the line below, "DRI2SwapComplete: bad drawable."


glxinfo | grep render
direct rendering: Yes
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 965GM GEM 20100330 x86/MMX/SSE2

egrep "(GLX|DRI)" /var/log/Xorg.0.log
[ 22.863] (==) AIGLX enabled
[ 22.863] (II) Loading extension GLX
[ 22.866] (II) Loading extension XFree86-DRI
[ 22.867] (II) Loading extension DRI2
[ 22.997] (II) intel(0): [DRI2] Setup complete
[ 22.997] (II) intel(0): [DRI2] DRI driver: i915
[ 23.047] (II) intel(0): direct rendering: DRI2 Enabled
[ 23.102] (II) AIGLX: enabled GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer
[ 23.102] (II) AIGLX: enabled GLX_INTEL_swap_event
[ 23.102] (II) AIGLX: enabled GLX_SGI_swap_control and GLX_MESA_swap_control
[ 23.102] (II) AIGLX: enabled GLX_SGI_make_current_read
[ 23.102] (II) AIGLX: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap backed by buffer objects
[ 23.102] (II) AIGLX: Loaded and initialized /usr/lib/dri/
[ 23.102] (II) GLX: Initialized DRI2 GL provider for screen 0
[ 333.492] (EE) intel(0): [DRI2] DRI2SwapComplete: bad drawable
[ 349.331] (EE) intel(0): [DRI2] DRI2SwapComplete: bad drawable
[ 351.861] (EE) intel(0): [DRI2] DRI2SwapComplete: bad drawable
[ 359.599] (EE) intel(0): [DRI2] DRI2SwapComplete: bad drawable
[ 557.742] (EE) intel(0): [DRI2] DRI2SwapComplete: bad drawable
[ 675.284] (EE) intel(0): [DRI2] DRI2SwapComplete: bad drawable

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Brett Monroe (brettmonroe2001) said :

Hello - I tried two things to see if either would shed light on my issue.

1) I created a new user account to see if my profile was corrupted in some fashion - however that account also failed to exhibit anything other than wallpaper when I logged into the unity environment.

2) I installed the 10.10 remix on a flash drive and booted off it just fine - the unity view works fine on my hardware - it must just have botched during the upgrade from 10.04. At this point it looks like my option is to back up my content and reinstalled if I want to make use of the unity environment.