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Asked by Lorenzo on 2014-05-03

I am currently using os 13.10. I googled" check disk for unbuntu" because code:$ sudo badblocks-sv/dev/sda does not work(no command found). The end result was google taking me to the software center site (did not exsisted always thought was a program only.......dummy me) to download palimpest(disk utility) clicked on download and got the launch application window/choose.From an instruction...was told to choose from /usr/bin/software center. There is no software center file @ that location.Have I been misinformed or has it been moved/renamed.

Would someone please help?


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Boot to liveCD and run:

sudo chkdsk /dev/sda1

I assume you want to check that partition. You can make sure sda1 is the right partition with:

sudo fdisk -l

Lorenzo (lojay397) said : #2

I do not have a live CD...I created a bootable USB . Will the same apply?

Think about it. The data on the USB storage you made is 100% the same as if you had burned it to an optical media. How would this make any difference?

Lorenzo (lojay397) said : #4

I ran the sudo command as following: sudo chkdsk/dev/sda1 and got (NO SUCH COMMAND)....I even tried different spacing. However, fdisk worked fine. I really would like to check the whole disk...not only for bad sectors but the surface as well...I am going to 14.04 and win7pro has been on the drive also and was in hopes of using an ubuntu app that would accomplish this.

Sorry fsck, not chkdsk. There is also a space between the command and the partition.

Please lay off the caps. It does nothing all all. We can read lower case just fine.

Lorenzo (lojay397) said : #6

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.