I need to find history of my copy

Asked by filip jurda on 2012-10-23

I copied many text items. Is it possible to find history of these actions.

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Subin Hutton
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Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #1

The question is not clearer to me. I think, you are talking about the history of the commands that you've executed. Open the shell and execute the command history

If you did through GUI, I don't think you can get it back :D

filip jurda (filipjurda) said : #2

sorry - note my apologies - i am not so good in English - so - for me - it is not so easy to describe my problem.

i try to describe my problem again . . .

during my work on my computer - i copied many phrases - (i used right button of my mouse for copy)
and now i need to use these phrases again . . .

please let me know - step by step - what i have to do to get these phrases back?

Is there any chance to get it back from history of copying?

Anyway is possible to get these texts back?

Thanks a lot

Best Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #3

So you were using GUI (Graphical User Interface) to copy the data. In my knowledge, I don't think you can retrieve it. If you were using CLI (Command Line Interface), you could get it from your history.

Warren Hill (warren-hill) said : #4

There are programs you can install to keep clipboard history but unless you have done this then its gone sorry.

filip jurda (filipjurda) said : #5

Thanks Subin Hutton, that solved my question.