Browsing Vista share from Ubuntu: folders accessible, but not visible in Nautilus or command line

Asked by Rodney Lucey on 2011-06-10

I'm browsing my Vista shares from my laptop running Natty/Gnome 2 over my LAN, both wired in.
Most everything is normal. I browse my network, and I can see all top level shares fine. There are 3 shares on my primary SATA hd. and 1 on my ATA hd, the behavior I will describe occurs while viewing some folders on either drive, but not all folders.

Ex. share 3 path is smb://PC/Share/folder1/folder2

folder2 contains 50 folders. When I browse to it, Nautilus only shows me 34 folders. 1 through 4 and 10 through 39, the rest I can't see, however, I have full access to them if I type the path. Once inside the directory, I see the files, but not all, but again I would have access if I type the full path to the file. They same behavior occurs when browsing via the command line.
All share permissions are set at the top level, subfolders inherit those. My user has r,w,x permissions I can traverse folders according to the settings. I have tested access from another Natty install on a separate machine, and its the same, however from another Windows machine there is no issue.

My troubleshooting so far includes:
Removing the share, and re-creating it.
Checking, and rechecking permissions, user accounts.
Wireshark shows that the folders not being shown are not being send during the request.
Moved the 50 folders out of that directory, split them between 2 folders, 25 in each. I could see all 50 folders in their respective places now. Then, moved the folders back 5 at a time. Everything was fine until the 35th folder. Adding the 35th would make 5 not visible, then 6, and so on as I would add more.
Ran disk checks, everything ok.

This occurs in another share as well. There is 5.7 GB of data between the 50 folders.
I've had this thread going at ars in 3 forums, linux forums, and ubuntu forums, nobody seems to know what's up.

I'm thinking bug? Any attention to this is greatly appreciated.

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Rodney Lucey (rluciano78) said : #1

I also have a wubi install in Vista on the desktop in question. Browsing these directories are fine from my wubi install

delance (olivier-delance) said : #2

You should raise a bug. You should have a button "Create bug report" in this page.

Rodney Lucey (rluciano78) said : #3

Not answered.

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