"Dropbox is running from an unsupported location"

Asked by Amr Ibrahim

I get that message when I try to start Dropbox from the nautilus-dropbox package in Ubuntu 12.04. It gives me two options: 1) "Don't Ask Again" & 2) "Install Dropbox Correctly". What does that message mean? and what are the consequences of the two options?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Have you tried uninstalling dropbox and deleting ~/.dropbox

then reboot and reinstall the package.

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twent4 (forgetthesun) said :

Same thing here, fresh install of 12.04 x86, and the first program installed is Dropbox.

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infected (infected) said :

I can confirm that. After installing ubuntu 12.04 (32bit) with all updates on a new pc i get the above mentioned error after installing dropbox via software center.

Complete message:
Dropbox is running from an unsupported location
Please visit http://www.dropbox.com/install to download and install the latest version.

I completely deinstalled dropbox via software center and tried it again with the deb package from the dropbox homepage. This fixed the problem. Dropbox installation was successful without any errors.

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Allan Pratt (apratt-) said :

As far as I can tell, this is a known problem which is being discussed in bug 909488. It airses because of a mismatch between how Dropbox wants to manage installations and updates, and how the Ubuntu package system wants to.

For now, the fix is to go to the Ubuntu Software Center and remove the Dropbox package, and then to go to the Dropbox web site and follow their instructions for an Ubuntu install. You can watch bug 909488 to see if Ubuntu and Dropbox sort out a solution in the future.

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Robin Catling (robinc) said :

04Oct, clean install of 12.10 Precise and Dropbox from the repo's is still pulling this garbage stunt! If the package in the repos is broken and incompatible with Dropbox host then why for *funks* sake is it still in the repos????

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Amr Ibrahim (amribrahim1987) said :

The Dropbox package from the repositories is not broken. You can just choose "Don't Ask Again" and you'll be fine. The Dropbox client will be installed universally for the whole system as this is in conformity with the Ubuntu way, as opposed to the upstream package which installs the client individually per user.

Auto-update is disabled. If you want to have the latest version; when a new one comes out from here https://www.dropbox.com/release_notes, just type in a terminal or run a command (Alt+F2) "gksudo dropbox update", without the quotes, then enter your password and that's it.

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