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Asked by andymg

Just upgraded to feisty mythtv 0.20-svn20070122-0.0ubuntu6.
I am using 2x Hauppage nova-T-500 tuners with the dvb-usb-dib0700-01.fw I am using mythtv in the UK.
The firmware is loaded and the tuners are connected (from dmesg).
Kaffeine successfully tunes the cards & displays the broadcasts.

With Kaffeine closed, I start mythtv-setup from the command line & set the cards up identically to what I did in edgy.

At the "input connections" window "Scan for channels" always fails -even if I input the channel frequency/cam etc manually.

Note: Whilst it attempts to scan the signal strength meter registers a signal -it just fails to LOCK that signal.

I have read that some of the frequency tables in the recent builds of mythtv have been screwed-up. I am just wondering if the latest feisty release has this problem?

Note: I had mythtv working in this configuration successfully in edgy.

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David Morris (dave-greenacre) said :

I've been running the nova-T-500 tuners in Feisty-Herd 3 and I've able to get signal locks, but my card causes mythtv to crash at times

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andymg (andy-andymg) said :

David thanks for the reply,

I upgraded edgy to the latest feisty last night and experienced the problem I reported with mythtv 0.20-svn20070122-0.0ubuntu6.
I thought it could have been an issue with the upgrade, so I downloaded and installed the latest kubuntu disk. So I have also subsequently, performed a clean install and updated the packages from new.
I have also performed all the checks needed to ensure that the tuners themselves are loaded & connected properly (verified by kaffeine tuning the channels and receiving the broadcast correctly).
I have also followed my original notes for configuring mythtv exactly as I did for edgy (edgy needed v4l besause the kernel was pre 2.6.19 is the only difference -underneath-).
It just looks like the latest feissty mythtv (6) is behaving differently?
I login as a member of the mythtv group and then run mythtv-setup -result=fails to lock on the signal -even thought the signal bar jumps up to 70% or so (about the same as in edgy).
I know that the packager has made the installation of mythtv easier in the latest packages (5) & (6) (improved guides for the user are now included) -I'm just wondering if the new svn version could be the cause because I read elsewhere that <some> recent checkouts had a problem with the frequency table values, that could cause a similar problem.
Any ideas would be appreciated, I can't think of anything else I can check to help diagnose this issue!

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andymg (andy-andymg) said :

Further investigation -I found this entry in konsole whilst running mythtv-setup:

DiSEqCDevTree, Warning: No device tree for cardid

Weird, since I'm pretty certain I have not been into the DiSEq menu under the capture card screen?

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Best andymg (andy-andymg) said :

I have found a workaround to using the general SCAN for channels problem in feisty mythtv <after 3 re-images & countless hours playing with the configs!).
By generating a tzap channels.conf file as described in here:
and then using an alternative channel search by creating a transport in mythtv-setup.

Scanning is still subject to the crash bug already logged against feisty, so you may have to rescan until it completes without crashing but at least this will allow uk residents (& possibly others?) to scan & save their channels using a DVB card in mythtv. Hope this helps someone else!