MPlayer aspect stretch when full-screened

Asked by Tom on 2009-09-05

Hi :)

When i open MPlayer it opens a console that matches the aspect-ratio of the movie but when i full-screen or even just change the shape of the box then the movie stretches & distorts instead of just using black borders in the areas it can't fill. I feel sure this is some simple on/off config setting that i just don't know where to look for.

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Tom :)

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  • 2009-09-06 by Tom
Tom (tom6) said : #1

Ahhh, the easy answr was to use Gnome-MPlayer rather than MPlayer-Movie-Player. They both seem to have been installed at the same time and the gnome one looks like a nice front-end gui.

I don't know why i hadn't tried the gnome one before but it solves a few issues :)

Thanks and regards from
Tom :)

Vihar (vmankov) said : #2

If you right-click on the Mplayer there you have Aspect Ratio...

Tom (tom6) said : #3

Yes, i don't understand why that right-click option doesn't seem to work. I played around with Gnome-MPlayer last night but it's too heavy. MPlayer itself is barely light enough to play some of the very heavy high-def movies on our Lan here.

Thanks for the answer Vihar :)
Regards from
Tom :)

Vihar (vmankov) said : #4

Yeah, now I remember I had a few times similar problem, but not only with Mplayer. May be it depends on the encoding of the movie too?

Tom (tom6) said : #5

I am getting the same thing with both mkv and avi formats but i suspect encoding is different from formats?

Vihar (vmankov) said : #6

Yes, Tom, it's the same to me.
Certain *.avi doesn't act like other *.avi in media players.
And I see that not only in Linux OSes but in all Windows-es too. Indeed sometimes.

So let the masters of encoding tell us where's the problem.

If we wanted we could trace it... But it costs a lot of time to discover again America or the bicycle. And it's not needed. Just someone knowing to tell us. Us the beginners...

Tom (tom6) said : #7

Lol, it's all good fun though. I might ask in another forum but i prefer the people in here. People in here do know an amazing amount and it constantly surprises me :)) Certainly it's not worth spending time on something like this when there are people we can help more easily. Thanks for trying :) I think we just let this question get taken away by Launchpad Janitor after about 15days of no-activity in this thread.
Thanks and regards from
Tom :)

Vihar (vmankov) said : #8

Yes, Tom. Don't worry. Let it go.

And yes! - there are so advanced people in the matter here.

It's good to know it. And we know it - but only know. Trying to help people with my very limited knowledge it sometimes frustrates me.
But I'll go as far as I can help.

Now I'm rereading "The Goblin Reservation" from Clifford Simak (sci-fiction). Give it a try, I think You'll like it.

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