0.15.3 is out for a while - please introduce pipe-output and 24bit support

Asked by soundcheck on 2009-09-07

Hi there.

Would it be possible to introduce mpd 0.15.3. It's been out for quite some time?

A lot has happened in 0.15.0. E.g. 24bit support. It is much more stable btw.

I really would appreciate if you could enabel the "pipe-output" option.

I am maintaining a WIKI about MPD at DIY-Audio. Many people still need to compile mpd manually due to above.


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You can get mpd 0.15.3 here:


It was published 14 hours ago.

soundcheck (kls-schlz) said : #2


Great news. Just in time.

Did you compile it with "--enable-pipe-output" . This one is disabled by default. The pipe-ouput is a great feature
to pipe into e.g. SOX,brutefir, ecasound etc. for further data processing.

When will Ubuntu make it available? Karmic or also as update on Jaunty?

THX again.

soundcheck (kls-schlz) said : #3


I just installed it. The "--enable-pipe-output" is not enabled. Shall I write a Trouble Ticket?



I did not compile it; someone else did. I just found the ppa location, that's all.

The description at https://launchpad.net/~gmpc-trunk/+archive/mpd-trunk informs you what to do:

I am copying it here:


Latest git version of MPD (Music Player Daemon), mpc, and mpdscribble.
Please visit #mpd at irc.freenode.net to discuss mpd.

WARNING: The packages here are bleeding-edge. You may experience bugs or crashes. If you encounter any problems, please report them to the mpd bug-tracker:

So you can visit the mpd bugtracker at http://musicpd.org/mantis



soundcheck (kls-schlz) said : #5

Ok. THX.

It is not a problem of mpd. It is an issue for the Ubuntu package maintainer.
I didn't realize that you were not the guy in charge. ;) Never mind.

Hi, I'm the package maintainer for the mpd-trunk ppa, I've added --enable-pip-output to the mpd and mpd-userspace packages. Hopefully they'll work the way you want them to now.

If you want these changes to be a part of Ubuntu and not just my ppa, I recommend you take it up with decklin, the maintainer of mpd in Debian. If he'll add the changes, than you should request a sync for the debian package with a launchpad bug report.

soundcheck (kls-schlz) said : #7

Hi Taylor.


BTW I just tried to update your package. It seems to come with a 0.16-git binary. mpd --version is giving me 0.16-git!?!?
I deleted my old binaries and reinstalled your package.

I'll check with the debian guy.