Where are jpeg/mpeg files stored?

Asked by Motion_Noob on 2009-01-20

Motion seems to be working well! I can see live video on the monitor of the Ubuntu box, from the connected camera.

But I'd like to see if Motion has captured jpegs or mpegs, that could be viewed or played backed later. Where would Motion store these files?

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Matthew Lye (matthew.lye) said : #1

I have not used that setup, typically if you know what the files are being saved as you can find them by typing locate <something> into a terminal.

I would assume that they would be put in your home directory in the pictures folder.


Motion_Noob (motion-noob) said : #2

Unfortunately, no, not in there. Nor in the videos foler. Nor in the 'My pictures' or 'My videos' folder.

Anyone else know where to look? Thanks!

Have you take a look at motion conf file...

Into my

sudo gedit /etc/motion/motion.conf

I have

# Target base directory for pictures and films
# Recommended to use absolute patch. (Default: current working directory)
target_dir /home/www/motion/netcam1

So please check your conf....

Hope this helps

Motion_Noob (motion-noob) said : #4

In my mition conf file, it shows the target_dir /tmp/motion , but when I open the tmp directory within File System, there is no motion directory in there. I click on View | Show Hidden Files, but still no folder named motion.

Could it mean a temp folder somewhere else?

I've confirmed that motion is running (with sudo netstat -puta)

tcp 0 0 localhost:http-alt *:* LISTEN 5215/motion
tcp 0 0 localhost:tproxy *:* LISTEN 5215/motion

Motion_Noob (motion-noob) said : #5

Ignore my previous post. It's working fine! The temp folder apparently gets deleted on reboot. So I'm changing the config file to point the target_dir somewhere else.

Motion_Noob (motion-noob) said : #6

When I changed the target_dir to /home/myname/Videos/motionvids , no files were created in that directory. I saved the changes made to the motion.conf file, and stopped and restarted motion, but no files were created in that directory.

So I changed the target_dir back to /tmp/motion, and now jpgs and swfs are created fine.

I tried changing the permissions on the motionvids folder to 'Create and delete files' for the 'Others' user, but I didn't change any permissions on the parent folders (Videos, myname, home.)

First, am I setting the right permissions for the right user, and if so, do I need to set them for each folder in the whole path?

Motion_Noob (motion-noob) said : #7

Thanks marcobra, that solved my question.