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HI everyone.

I'm new to Ubuntu. Previously we did some softwares that was developed on Windows using C#.Net. Now I'm doing a research on whether this application can be converted to be deployed on Ubuntu. By deployin here I mean to put the program on Ubuntu and run it, and also change things that needed.

Previously I read that by using MonoDevelop we can develop .Net applications. But isit possible to use the same programs that was created on Windows and use it on Ubuntu?

I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say here. Please do let me know if there is anymore details that I can provide.

Thank you very much.

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mohanms (mohan-sangkar) said :


I forgot to say this previously. We are also using Crystal Report on Windows.

I read that there is alternative for Crystal Report on Ubuntu. But we already created so many applications using Crystal Report and we wish to use the same reports. I also found out that we could use VirtualBox to install XP in it and use Crystal Report there. Can anyone provide me with some tutorials that I can follow to use the VirtualBox to develop Crystal Reports and use them in the .Net applications. Thank you so much...

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :
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Jo Shields (directhex) said :

In abstract terms, applications written for Microsoft.NET can run on Ubuntu via the Mono runtime, and vice versa - they are both implementations of the same standards, and use the same format for applications and libraries. There are two major caveats which may prevent simple binary movement, though:

1) Cross-platform code. For example, if your file paths are written in the form MyPath1+"\"+MyPath2, then you'll have problems. The correct cross-platform equivalent is System.IO.Path.Combine(MyPath1,MyPath2). Things like this - case sensitivity, paths, and so on, are low-hanging fruit to fix the portability of applications.

2) Availability of libraries. If you're P/Invoking a library of some kind, that library - or a clone of it - must be available on all executing platforms. If you use, say, SQlite, that's okay because SQlite is available for both Windows and Linux (and Mac) - but if you're calling into kernel32.dll, you're going to have problems. The same goes for user interface design - WinForms will work on Linux, WPF will not. Conversely, GTK# will work on Windows only if you install the GTK# redistributable first.

For the specific app that you name (Crystal Reports), I have no idea at all if it'll run - that depends on how well their code copes with the two points I made above. But in the general case, a .NET app written on Ubuntu can be copied and run on Windows, and the same in reverse.

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