How to add country / ISP details to the package?

Asked by Gerard Jensen on 2011-09-14

Greetings from Walvis Bay, Namibia?

Namibia? Exactly - that country is unfortunately missing as a possible selection in the boradband setup wizard. Would be great for the local Ubuntu spirits to find themselves "back on the map" - can you add that country?

We currently also have 3 ISPs that sell broadband connection devices: Telecom Namibia, MTC and Leo.

Who would I have to contact to get the data for these (including payment plans "prepaid" (for MTC the payment plan is better known as: "Tango") and "postpaid" for MTC and Leo - Telecom Namibia only offers a fixed contract plan) included?

Kind regards


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Please tell the release of Ubuntu you are using...

Gerard Jensen (gjensen-p) said : #2

Currently Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)

Gerard Jensen (gjensen-p) said : #3

Package version is 20110415-0ubuntu1 (mobile-broadband-provider-info) - is there perhaps a newer one? Last update of my system was just 15 hours ago though...

Gerard Jensen (gjensen-p) said : #4

Package version is 20110415-0ubuntu1 (mobile-broadband-provider-info) - is there perhaps a newer one? Last update of my system was just 15 hours ago though...

mycae (mycae) said : #5

Hi Gerard,

Each of the entries in mobile-broadband-provider-info, is, as far as I was aware, crowd-sourced.

Someone has to either work for, work out by examining the provider's device or contact the provider and request the information needed to enter into the mobile-broadband-provider-info package.

If you can provide this information, you can try contacting the debian package maintainers, whose details are at:

Otherwise its a bit hard for someone otherwise not in Namibia to get this info. Your provider certainly knows, but its a matter of finding someone in your telco who will actually talk to you.

Gerard Jensen (gjensen-p) said : #6

I can understand that you don't have the details - will provide them here ASAP.

Thanks for the link, but that makes me wonder: the package for Ubuntu listed there is listed as 20110806-1, but I have 20110415-ubuntu1 installed via the Software Center. I can update as much as I want via the Update Manager - I don't get that new package as an update.

In the changelog for the newer package I then find the line that makes me smile broadly:

- na: add namibian providers (LP: #794071)

So aparently I wasn't the first asking :-)

Question remains: how do I get that newer provide info package? Am I just missing a repository, or is something broken with the Update Manager?

mycae (mycae) said : #7

The newer package is for the next ubuntu version. In general there are two ways to use this version:

1) Rebuild the new package locally on your computer and install the resultant deb file:

Download the .dsc .orig.tar.gz and .debian.tar.gz files here (rhs of page):

Now follow this procedure:

However, when he suggests to do this line:

apt-get source package

instead do, in the same folder as the 3 files you downloaded:

dpkg -X mobile*dsc

this will create a new mobile-broadband-provider-VERSION/ folder.

Then continue following the instructions.

2) Forcibly install the package from the new ubuntu : This may or may not work (in this case I believe it will, as the primary contents are not interdependant on other packages as much), depending upon if there are version mismatches or whatnot between packages.

then this will download a .deb file to your computer.

You can install it with

dpkg -i NAME_OF_DEB

mycae (mycae) said : #8

PS: The dpkg command must be run as an administrator (root). If you are not using a root terminal, simply use

sudo dpkg -i NAME_OF_DEB

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