Xbuntu test ram bad-Ubuntu 10.10 & 12.04 & downloaded memtest+ 4.02 test ram good

Asked by michael on 2012-11-28

I downloaded Xbuntu 12.10. MD5 and check disk are good. Put ISO on a DVD. Burned at 4x. started loading onto a Dell Dimension 8100 with Pentium 4 1400MHz CPU, 1002.0 MiB ram, nVidia NV44A [GeForce 6200]. Had dual boot with Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04. Removed 11.04. Started loading Xubuntu, after sometime, a problem, said I had bad USB Jumpdrive and replace it. Using DVD???? I thought I would test ram. When test #7 started ,all red, all ram bad. Checked Ubuntu 10.04, ran normal. I think if ram is bad, 10.04 would give problems. Put in Ubuntu live CD 10.10 and 12.04, their ram test was OK. Burned new Xbuntu 12.10. MD5 and Check Disk OK. Had trouble checking DVD, only checked program. Same problem, bad ram. Downloaded Memtest 86+ 4.02. Ran ram test for 16+ hours,19 passes, ram good. Decided to start over. Another computer downloaded Xubuntu 12.10, not from torrent, but a mirror. Same MD5 and Check Disk, OK. Haven't tried to install, but checked ram, all bad. Using RDRAM. To replace RDRAM is very expensive, but if sure ram bad, I will. Anyone have ideas? Thanks

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Have you tried a memtester not on an Ubuntu CD?

michael (yellupcm-gmail) said : #2

Yes, downloaded Memtest 86+ 4.02 to CD and ran it for 16+ hours. Will run Xubuntu DVD memtest on another computerwithin a hour.

michael (yellupcm-gmail) said : #3

Just ran Xubuntu 12.10 memtest on a Dell Optiplex GX280. It has DDR2 3.25 ram. This computer has no problems. Checked bad, stopped it at 548,792 errors on check #7. Has anyone installed Xubuntu 12.10, and checked ram? The GX280 has Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7.

michael (yellupcm-gmail) said : #4

Workaround, downloaded Xubuntu 12.04. It works.