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Asked by Bart on 2012-05-04


I'm trying to restore from a crash but fortunately I have a backup of my Ubuntu partition. Now I'm trying to find the directory where the file containing the accounts is located, but I can't find it. I'm using mail-notification to monitor quite a few email addresses, so copying a file would be much easier than manually configuration them all again. Could you please help me out on this one?


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Wyatt Smith (wyatt-smith) said : #1

I am not sure of the exact location, but typically application data on linux machines are stored in a hidden directory within you home folder. I suggest you open you home folder and view hidden files (CTRL+H is hot key to show hidden). Check to see if there is a .mail-notification folder.

Hope this helps

Bart (bart12) said : #2

That's where I searched first. Also in the .config dir in /home. Nothing there either. I'm currently working from a LiveCD and for whatever reason the file search function doesn't work, so otherwise I might have been able to find something that way. But going through all folders by hand is a lot of work.

isn't it ~/.notifier or something equally abstract. You could use grep to search for your email address in the files.

You could even make a fresh user and make a list of files and folders in home then configure an account and see what extra file gets made

Bart (bart12) said : #4

I've been looking for other dir-names as well, but so far nothing. I did try the 'find' command, but I think I used the wrong options. I've never been much of a terminal type of person, so I'll have to look into the options of find and grep.

Best Jeet (gour-jitendrasingh) said : #5

you can use find -name <filename_you_looking_for>
and if you want to search into file you can use


and grep

cat /path_for_file/ | grep <keyword_you_are_looking>


Bart (bart12) said : #6

I found it using the 'find -name mail-notification' command. It's located in /home/<yourprofile>/.gnome2/mail-notification
I noticed it's aso better to use the filemanager (Thunar in my case) with root privilages to be able to view everything. To do that use 'gksudo thunar' in the 'Run Program' screen (Alt-F2).

Thanks guys. You've really helped me out here!

Bart (bart12) said : #7

Thanks Jeet, that solved my question.