lsb 4.1+Debian9ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


lsb (4.1+Debian9ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

  * Merge from Debian unstable:
    - lsb-desktop no longer depends on transitional libqt4-gui.  LP: #339501.
    - lsb-invalid-mta includes /usr/lib/sendmail as a symlink.  LP: #580914.
    - fixes a typo in the package description.  LP: #1177473.
  * Remaining changes:
    - Mark lsb-core Multi-Arch: foreign.
    - Use python3 instead of python2.
    - Fix status_of_proc returning incorrect error code; and when a pidfile
      is specified, return "unknown" if it exists but isn't readable (as
      would be the case for non-root with a root-only pidfile), and return
      "not running" if the pidfile otherwise doesn't provide a useful PID.
      This issue may also be fixed now in the Debian version, but someone
      needs to compare the differing implementations to verify before this
      delta can be dropped.
    - Correct duplicate reference to log_action_end_msg_post in
    - lsb_release: Add -Es to #! line for Python.
  * Dropped changes, included in Debian:
    - Mark lsb-release and lsb-base Multi-Arch: foreign.
    - Drop Qt3 from lsb-desktop depends and add lsb-desktop.NEWS to explain
      its absence
    - Depend on libgl1-mesa-glx rather than libgl1-mesa as preferred libgl1
    - Use dpkg --print-architecture rather than
    - Use $DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_ARCH in the maintainer scripts to decide the
      correct symlinks to set up, instead of going by the dpkg built-in
    - Don't conflict with python (>= 2.6).
    - Use dh_python2
    - Ensure that files are closed promptly; Python 3.2
      prints ResourceWarning noise otherwise.
    - Skip calling apt-cache if /etc/lsb-release contains everything we need.
    - sendmail, debian/control, debian/rules, debian/lsb-invalid-mta.dirs:
      include new "lsb-invalid-mta" package.
    - Remove /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/ on upgrades; this
      was a karmic-only upgrade issue that we could have removed the
      handling for back in maverick, better late than never.
    - Add Ubuntu logging functions.
    - Added ghostscript-cups dependency.
    - Made lsb-printing required by the lsb package, not just suggested.
  * lsb-languages must depend on python, not on python3, as /usr/bin/python is
    the interface guaranteed by this submodule.
  * Fix debian/copyright to list the correct Canonical copyright for the
    Ubuntu logging functions.
  * Revert wrongheaded calls to /bin/echo whenever -n is used; 'echo -n' is
    guaranteed by Debian policy, we don't want a bunch of extra forks here
    for no reason.
  * Port to python3 so that the tests will pass at build time.
  * Call 2to3 correctly so that the scripts in /usr/lib/lsb are usable under
    python3.  LP: #798192.

lsb (4.1+Debian9) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Jeff Licquia ]
  * Sanity-check pidofproc parameters. (Closes: #691422)

lsb (4.1+Debian8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix libqt3-mt missing epoch.
  * Hide the stderr output of $(initctl version) in init_is_upstart.
    (Closes: #682032)

lsb (4.1+Debian7) unstable; urgency=low

  * lsb-desktop: Demote Qt3 dependency to a Recommends. Closes: #604360
    - Add a README.Debian to lsb-desktop to document the possibility to
      install Qt3 from;
    - Add a NEWS.Debian to lsb-desktop to document the derogation to the
      LSB 4.1 specification.

  * Accept utf-8 in `apt-cache policy` and `dpkg-query` outputs; add
    test-case. (Closes: #675618)

lsb (4.1+Debian6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Revert "Allow FANCYTTY to be sourced from /etc/default/rcS." This
    avoids one ugly `set +u` in the $() subshell and avoids the hijack
    of /etc/default/rcS. (Reopens: #673207, Closes: #675162, #675197)

lsb (4.1+Debian5) unstable; urgency=low

  * lsb-base; init-functions:
    - Correct comment about hooks.
    - Enhance doc about files sourced from init-functions
    - Allow FANCYTTY to be sourced from /etc/default/rcS. (Closes: #673207)
    - Safe-guard calls to echo with `|| true`; this helps towards making
      sure init.d scripts called with `set -e` continue to work, see

  * lsb-release; python code:
    - In guess_debian_release(), avoid calling guess_release_from_apt()
      and hence the slow `apt-cache policy` if a codename is already
      provided. Patch by Francois Gouget. (Closes: #674143)
    - Add unittests for all functions.
    - Upgrade to python3-compatible syntax.
    - Deprecate the lsb_release.compare_releases() function.

  * lsb-invalid-mta;
    -  Add the /usr/lib/sendmail symlink to /usr/sbin/sendmail.
       (LP: #580914)

lsb (4.1+Debian4) unstable; urgency=low

  * In init-functions, include hooks from /lib/lsb/init-functions.d
    - Source any file in there.
    - Document that in lsb-base.README.
    - Put the Ubuntu logging functions in there; remove the now-obsolete
      configuration file with dpkg-maintscript-helper.
    - Move the "Fancy output left info blocks" in there.

  * Python code: Add an initial (but incomplete) unittest framework for python
    2.7 and 3.2.

  * Properly document the first version with init_is_upstart.
  * Avoid writing the now useless lsb-qt4.substvars file.

lsb (4.1+Debian3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Didier Raboud ]
  * Compress the orig source tarball with bzip2.
  * Update LSB and packages versions in README.Debian.
  * Fix typo in lsb-invalid-mta's Description.
  * Drop empty directory in lsb-base.
    Instead of moving to /etc/lsb/, drop the empty /etc/lsb.
    (Closes: #671730)

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Add a new helper function: init_is_upstart().
    init_is_upstart() is to be used by init scripts of upstart-aware packages to
    render the init script inert when upstart is present.
    Signed-off-by: Didier Raboud <email address hidden> (Closes: #661109)

lsb (4.1+Debian2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fancy output:
    - Avoid two superfluous calls to /bin/echo.
    - Make the cursor invisible when printing the status block.
  * Make sure OPTIND is marked local for each use. (Closes: #669909)

lsb (4.1+Debian1) unstable; urgency=low

  * lsb-base: Upload the new "Fancy output" to unstable:
    - Move information from NEWS.Debian to README.Debian, enhance it.

  * pidofproc(): Make sure to try /bin/pidof when no pidfile is
    specified. (Closes: #668958)
  * In killproc(), make sure to exit 0 when the program is not running
    and when no signal was specified. (Closes: #668416)

lsb (4.1+Debian0+fancy1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Fancy output: prepend [info] blocks to log_action_msg calls.

lsb (4.1+Debian0+fancy0) experimental; urgency=low

  * Make the init.d scripts messages fancier by prepending them a [....]
    block that becomes [ ok ], [warn] or [FAIL] depending on the daemons
    exit statuses (Closes: #416485).
    - Update lsb-base' README.Debian and NEWS.

lsb (4.1+Debian0) unstable; urgency=low

  * Upload LSB 4.1 support to unstable.
  * Add lsb-languages to lsb Depends.
  * Drop lsb suggests, obsoleted by dependencies changes.
  * Make init-functions' status_of_proc return the LSB-documented 3 on
    inexistant pidfiles. (Closes: #664621)

lsb (4.1+Debian0~exp2) experimental; urgency=low

   * lsb-base.README.Debian: Document status_of_proc. (Closes: #565631)
   * Tighten more dependencies between lsb packages.
   * Update package relationships to match LSB 4.1:
     - Add lsb-security to lsb-core Depends.
     - Add lsb-multimedia to lsb-desktop Depends.
     - Add libpod-plainer-perl to lsb-languages depends.
   * Rewrite debian/copyright using the copyright-format 1.0.
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 without changes needed.

lsb (4.1+Debian0~exp1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Merge the lsb 3.2+Debian31 Debian release.
  * Tighten dependencies between lsb-* packages.
  * In killproc(), re-add a '--retry 5' to s-s-d when no signal is
    specified. (Closes: #650584)

lsb (4.1+Debian0~exp0) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Till Kamppeter ]
  * Add the "lsb-invalid-mta" package, with a fake sendmail. This allows
    the installation of LSB packages to not pull in an MTA any more,
    which once adds awkward configuration questions to the installation
    process and second adds an often unnneeded daemon to the system.
    (LP: #141641)

  [ Didier Raboud ]
  * Upgrade to support LSB 4.1. (Closes: #586191, LP: #385606, #386128)
    LSB changes:
     - Bump Depends:
       - on libglib2.0-0  to >= 2.12.13;
       - on fontconfig    to >= 2.6.0;
       - on libglib2.0-0  to >= 2.12.13;
       - on libatk1.0-0   to >= 1.10.3;
       - on libpango1.0-0 to >= 1.10.4;
       - on libgtk2.0-0   to >= 2.10.14;
     - Add Depends:
       - on libglu1;
       - on libcairo2     to >= 1.2.0;
       - on libxtst6;
       - on ghostscript-cups;
     - In lsb, bump lsb-printing from Suggests to Depends.
     - Add the lsb-security package.
     - Drop the now-obsolete lsb-qt4 package.
    Debian changes:
     - libgl1-mesa-glx is the first alternative for libgl1;
     - Make sure all packages have ${misc:Depends}.

lsb (3.2+Debian31) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Didier Raboud ]
  * Correct a bug number in the 3.2+Debian30 upload.
  * Promote lsb-release to Priority: optional.
  * Fix both unused and undeclared local variables in pidofproc.
    (Closes: #663351)

  [ Peter Eisentraut ]
  * Handle non-world-readable pid files. (Closes: #653598)

lsb (3.2+Debian30) unstable; urgency=low

  * Drop Depends on essentials sed & ncurses-bin. (Closes: #488237)
  * Don't display Debian revision in lsb_release modules version output.
  * Update Qt4 relationships to current packaging. (Closes: #661888)
  * Remove /lib/* only on upgrade. (Closes: #642076)

lsb (3.2+Debian29) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Didier Raboud ]
  * Wrap debian/control package relationship lines.
  * Put under explicit debian-lsb@l.d.o team maintenance.
    (Closes: #616131)
  * Add myself as uploader.
  * Drop Chris Lawrence from Uploaders with great thanks for his past
    work. (Closes: #616131)
  * Define source format as '3.0 (native)'.
  * Reduce debian/rules using tiny dh7 style.
  * Add initial lintian overrides files.
  * Add explicit `set -e` to maintainer scripts.
  * Drop Conflicts/Replaces for old package versions.
  * Install on Ubuntu.
  * Update the Homepage field to point to the public URL.
    (Closes: #653917)
  * Depend on cron-daemon, with cron as first alternative.
    (Closes: #638004)
  * Add Vcs-* fields as this will now be maintained on collab-maint's
  * Correct URLs to refspecs.{freestandards,linuxbase}.org.
  * Recognise Debian Ports as `sid` too. (Closes: #624769)

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * Switch from python-central to dh_python2. (Closes: #606354)

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Ensure that files are closed promptly in
  * Mark lsb-base Multi-Arch: foreign. (LP: #904013)

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Don't run apt-cache if /etc/lsb-release exists.
  * Mark lsb-release Multi-Arch: foreign.
  * Use $DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_ARCH in maintainer scripts

  [ Simone Rossetto ]
  * Fix for unsupported negative value in pin priorities.
    (Closes: #540208)

  [ Michał Kułach ]
  * Add the Debconf Polish translation. (Closes: #661251)

  [ Jeff Licquia ]
  * Add me to Uploaders.

lsb (3.2-28.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Fix pending l10n issues. Debconf translations:
    - Korean (강민지).  Closes: #632010,#632018
    - Catalan; (Innocent De Marchi).  Closes: #641828

lsb (3.2-28) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix symlinks for AMD64.  (Closes: #638450)
  * Please note the RFA/ITA for this package (#616131).

lsb (3.2-27) unstable; urgency=low

  * Track down another use of dpkg --print-installation-architecture.
    (Closes: #610049)
  * Various cleanups to init-functions, courtesy of Jari Aalto:
    + Use /bin/echo when using options throughout.  (Closes: #602038)
    + Use $() command substitution.  (Closes: #602035)
    + Use && and || instead of -a and -o.  (Closes: #602037)
    + Break long lines.  (Closes: #602039)
    + Cleanup use of local.  (Closes: #602042)
    + Use single-line statements.  (Closes: #602044)
    + Use self-documenting values of variables.  (Closes: #602048)

lsb (3.2-26) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix reversed assignment in compare_release.  (Closes: #540208)
  * Move lsb(8) to lsb-core package.  (Closes: #589101)
  * Update da translation of debconf templates; thanks to Joe Dalton.
    (Closes: #599461)

lsb (3.2-25) unstable; urgency=low

  * Improve release comparison function when 'suite' is missing from
    sources.list.  (Closes: #597667)
  * return 3 in pidofproc() if we can't track down a running copy of
    the process and the pidfile is missing.  (Closes: #597628)
  * Correct location of README.Debian.gz in lsb(8).  (Closes: #589100)
  * Add link to LSB specification in lsb(8).  (Closes: #589102)

lsb (3.2-24) unstable; urgency=low

  * Improve detection of Debian version when there is a "tie" in
    APT's sources.list.  Patch by Giovanni Mascellani.  (Closes: #540208)
  * Fix test for PID file in init-functions.  Patch by Keith O'Brien.
    (Closes: #545896)
  * Fix reporting for more recent versions of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.  Patch
    by Gonéri Le Bouder.  (Closes: #595159)
  * Use --print-architecture instead of --print-installation-architecture
    in lsb-core postinst.  (Closes: #542610)
  * Fix formatting error in lsb_release(1).  Patch by Adam Guthrie.
    (Closes: #586575)
  * Update pt_BR translation for debconf messages, thanks to Flamarion Jorge.
    (Closes: #596438)

lsb (3.2-23.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Fix dependencies of lsb-core on kfreebsd-* and hurd-* to make the
    package installable. Thanks to Aurelien Jarno for the patch and the
    bugreport.  (Closes: #539284)
  * Set XS-Python-Version to all to make lsb-release available for all
    supported Python versions. Thanks to Sandro Tosi for the bug report.
    (Closes: #570586)
  * Don't make lsb-core conflict with python (>= 2.6).
 -- Steve Langasek <email address hidden>   Wed, 15 May 2013 04:07:27 -0500

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