Freezing on (K)Ubuntu 18.04 and Ryzen 2700X

Asked by John Po on 2018-09-09

I am having problems with my machine freezing when performing CPU intensive tasks on Kubuntu 18.04. For example, I have tried raytracing a simple scene with Blender 3D under Ubuntu 18.04 and Window 10. The scene renders to completion under windows but causes the machine to freeze up after a few minutes on Ubuntu. Similarly Ubuntu freezes up a few minutes into training a model with tensorflow. Both Blender rendering and Tensorflow model training on the CPU use around 75-87% utilization across all cores. It does this if trained on the CPU or the GPU. I was performing data augmentation on the CPU when training on the GPU which resulted in a constant 50% CPU utilisation across all cores.

Under normal everyday use such as web browsing, word processing, or playing games the system is stable.

There has already been some discussion of the issue on the following Ask Ubuntu question:

I have seen a few discussion of kernel issues with Ryzen and though it best to follow up with a question here as I am having problems with Ubuntu but not Windows.

Any advice on how to proceed? Should I raise a bug report? If so what other information would be helpful?

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I suggest you test your RAM using Memtest86 from GRUB as a good first step.

John Po (john-po) said : #2

I previously ran a single pass of memtest86 with no errors. Leaving it running for a few passes now. Currently on 3 completed with no errors. Appears to only be using one of the eight cores (says '1 active / 1 total') and going quite slowly (7 hours in now).

John Po (john-po) said : #3

Completed 10 passes of memtest86 with 0 errors now.

henry devid (henrydevid) said : #5

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #6

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