Install ubuntu 12.04 from CD on new build error

Asked by gustav on 2013-04-13

Hello everyone! I put together a new build using a Pentium 4 MSI PT880 Neo-LSR mobo, and a WD Sata2 500gb Hdd.

CPU Prescott 3.2Ghz. When I try to boot from the Ubuntu 12.04 CD using an external usb burner the screen freezes

and I have to do a hard shutdown. Why can't I boot off the Ubuntu Cd to install the O.S.? Thank you.

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N1ck 7h0m4d4k15 (nicktux) said : #1

Maybe the iso is not downloaded correctly . You must do an MD5 check and see.


you burned the iso in a full speed. When we burn data we should use the lowest available speed (2x , 4x).

It would be better to create a bootable USB-stick instead.

Guide on how to create a bootable Ubuntu USB-stick from within Windows can be found here

How to create a bootable USB-stick from within Ubuntu/Linux (if you already have another Ubuntu / Linux system installed)


gustav (gustav521) said : #2

Hello NikTh, and thank you for the quick reply! I thought I had done MDS check. And yes,

 I believe in slow burns at 4x too! Ok, I will create a bootable Ubuntu USB stick; thank you

for the links. I am presently using Ubuntu 10.04. In redearching this problem, I ran into

this tutorial:"Install Ubuntu on external hard drive or pendrive":

Do you think it might work, instead of trying to install on an internal hard drive? Thank you!

gustav (gustav521) said : #3

Hello NikTh: I am stuck on the last page of Unetbootin. It does not "see" this other 500gb

 USB Hdd I had formatted as Ext4, so I can not choose it from the list of Drives. The USB

does appear in Media, where Floppy etc. are shown. What do you think? Thank you!

What video chip do you use?


N1ck 7h0m4d4k15 (nicktux) said : #5

I think you misunderstanding something here. Unetbootin is used to create bootable USB-STICKS , not to install Ubuntu in a USB-HDD.

First you have to use a USB-STICK (2GB) and use Unetbootin to make this USB-Stick bootable . Then you must boot from this USB and Install Ubuntu into External USB-HDD.


gustav (gustav521) said : #6

Hello NikTh. Yes, I think I have been misunderstanding this issue for some time now, lol!
Thank you for pointing it out. Well, maybe it would be easier for me to try to boot off the Ubuntu CD so as to install the O.S. onto the new Hdd in this new build, and not worry about ext. USB Hdd for now?

Hello again(from years ago!) actionparsnip: The Southbridge is Via VT8237 on the MSI
MSI PT880 Neo LSR mobo. I have read about the conflict with Sata2 Hdd's, and have moved the jumper to pins 5 & 6 as per the WD jumper diagram . The WD WD5000KS Caviar SE16 500gb SATA2 will now be seen as 1.50Gbs(Sata1), hopefully.

 Btw, F11 is the key I press to access the boot menu. When I select the internal Sata CD burner, the menu says that it is not compatible. That is why I then went with an ext. USB burner, which only got me a blue screen with what looks like a tiny keyboard and a stick figure of a person along the bottom edge. I will try the CD right now again.

Yes, I probably am better off with IDE all around, but in 2013?! Thank you both!

gustav (gustav521) said : #7

Hello everyone! Unmounted the drive then was able to install Ubuntu 12.04.