CPU failure, memory controller, blacklist modules, patch kernel for DELL 12G PowerEdge

Asked by Robert McGrath on 2012-11-29

Our DELL server running Ubuntu 12.04 are erroneously reporting CPU failures.
DELL support have responded that this is an OS problem, and supplied supporting web-links indicating kernel patches that could be applied.

We require Canonical to urgently address this issue for our production systems running Ubuntu 12.04

Supporting info follows;
kernel patch for sb_edac driver:
ACPI PAD driver bugzilla:
Information on mei driver:


Have you tried other distributions (not Debian based). Have you tried installing Windows to test there too?

Installing other Distributions or Windows is not appropriate, these are production class systems, and we need support on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as per our support agreement with Canonical.
Specifically the kernel and module fixes indicated by DELL (see links previously supplied) could be a good place to begin examining this serious issue.

Please advise of progress regularly, as this is a serious issue for us.

Further information forwarded to us from DELL support is this website link,
which directly references Ubuntu/Canonical/launchpad bug ID's

Please advise when fixes for these bug will be available via normal Ubuntu repositories.

Thomas Kr├╝ger (thkrueger) said : #4

You should be aware that this platform is for community support. If you have a support contract with Canonical, this is not the right place to post your request. Please use the support channels Canonical made available to you with the contract.

Apologies for the inappropriate tone on a community forum, I've raised it via our correct support channel, thanks.
And thank you all for the community help.

Darryl Weaver (dweaver) said : #6

FYI: Should be fixed in kernel linux-image-3.2.0-34-generic which is now available on precise.