Lenovo AMD FUsion E350 freezes on log in screen Natty if running on Battery

Asked by jvgeli on 2011-07-19

I have a lenovo running on AMD E350 and ATI GPU. When I boot my system it locks up either at the log in screen or shortly after logging in, 1-5 seconds. I have to hard reset the laptop. This ONLY happens when I am on battery and does not happen when the laptop is connected to AC power supply.

Already tried forcing version of PM Utils to lucid but its not working.

Have you tested your RAM?

jvgeli (jvgeli) said : #2

Yes, I tested all the modules using memtest and all were clean. i dont have this lock ups in Windows on the same machine. I have dual boot Win 7 and Natty.

What model Lenovo is it?

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jvgeli (jvgeli) said : #6

Hi, sorry but the solution was to downgrade to the LTS version rather than finding out a solution to the problem in Natty. I too tried Lucid before and i dont get the freezes which would mean the problem is in natty. I like Natty's features but it seems it is not too stable.

Are there any bugs reported for your model under Natty?

jvgeli (jvgeli) said : #9

issue is resolved somehow by disabling "Spin down Hard disk whenever possible" in power management. Will keep monitoring if i dont get any freezes anymore.

jvgeli (jvgeli) said : #10

still have the issue.

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