HOWTO diff kernel sources 2.6.15-51/52 (Dapper)?

Asked by xof on 2009-12-26

How do I get the kernel source tree used to generate (Dapper) 2.6.15-51-386 and 2.6.15-52-386 kernels? (or a diff between the two)

I have an 'Hercules Smart TV-2 Stereo' to watch analog TV (PAL via the cable in Belgium). The last 'good' kernel was 2.6.15-51-386 (early 2008); I can't get the sound working on the next ones (so I continued to use the 'good' one for a while (about 2 years!) but I switched recently to Karmic Koala and the problem is still there. Looks like I have to (try to) find out myself... ;-)

I suspect a change in bttv.c, tvaudio.c (or something in the neighbourhood). I suppose I could find the ChangeLogs from if I knew exactly when the linuxtv subsystem has been fetched to compile those kernels (but it doesn't seem that easy neither).

This is related to
and, may be to

(I know, it would have been easier to signal the 'bug' when I noticed it, but...)

Thank you. -- xof

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Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is a supported Long Term Support version of the Ubuntu operating system, although not the most recent LTS release. It was released on June 1st, 2006. It will be supported until June 1st, 2009 on desktops and June 1st, 2011 on servers. The name given to this release is "Dapper Drake".

The release is no longer supported on the desktop. I suggest you upgrade to at least hardy for support.

xof (xof) said : #2

Thank you.
I know Dapper Drake isn't supported anymore but I have got an hardware which was working fine with a Dapper 2.6.15-51 but not with the next kernels. On Dapper, I stayed with my good old kernel (generated early 2008) ...until last week. I just switched to Karmic Koala and (to my dispair) the problem is still there (I hear no sound out of my 'Hercules Smart TV-2 stereo' card). As I can't use my 'old good kernel' anymore, I decided to investigate the matter... (it DID work, so, it is possible)

I try to find out what changed between Dapper 2.6.15-51 and 2.6.15-52 (concerning linuxtv) as a starting point...

Someone from the KernelTeam wrote me to look at and I am now reading 'The Art of Kernel Maintenance' (*) and try to figure out how to use Git (and/or Mercurial which is used at to retrieve/generate the source tree of those two releases. At first, I (naively) though I would just have to load some files like linux-sources-2.6.15-51.tgz (or some diffs.gz) but it is more sophisticated than that... However, it is also more interesting... ;-)

If somebody knows the magic Git formula (or a (simple) procedure), I am still interested.

-- xof
(*) I am not sure such a title exist, it's just a pun inspired by the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by .

xof (xof) said : #3

I think I have the answer to the original question :

First, identify the correctGit via
then locate it between projects.
then locate the good 'tree' in the 'shortlog' of the 'summary'
Once you have got the good 'tree' (or subtree), you can get a 'snapshot' (if still needed)

The trouble I have is that it does not seem to help me as the 1fc7d77b7bbdd1b020236a3387ac7c154aca1cc4 SHA1 of drivers/media/ did not change between 15-51 and 15-52 and is seems to be an old frozen one from 2007... (I suspect modules to come from somewhere else)
(But I am not a Git expert (yet ;-))

I'll probably have to look at v4l mercurial...
...And there are a lot of changes around bttv in 2008. :-(

But, I'll consider this question answered. (I can get old kernels (or parts of them) using Git and compare them if needed)