Linux-2.6.12-rc6 failure in Bad page state at free_hot_cold_page

Asked by RAMACHANDRA on 2018-09-11

Hai Sir,
I am using PowerPC 440GX Processor (Reference of OCOTEA Board), In that Board u-boot-2014.04 version and Linux-2.6.12-rc6 are using. This is purely custom board reference of IBM PPC 440GX
In current Board DDR2 is not working inside SoC controller issuing (Hardware part) that's why i am taken external SRAM (16MB)
External SRAM Address Rang (0x44000000 to 0x44ffffff) of 16MB
My U-Boot is running from from (0x44e00000 to 0x44ffffff and Stack pointer is 0x44d00000 onwords)
My Linux ZImage.bin is loading from 0x44000000
My Linux Extraction part is extracted from 0x44100000 and Virtual Address is 0xc4100000
I am taken KERNEL_START - 0xc4100000 physical address 0x44000000
Main Problem in MMU_init time
Manually total_mem0xc00000(12MB) given and Total_lowmem=total_mem; given in linux/arch/ppc/mm/init.c (MMU_init function)
and another change is linux/include/asm-ppc/page.h --- PPC_MEMSTART=0x44000000 taken
then below problems are occring those are:
Bad page state at free_hot_cold_page (in process 'swapper', page c40003c0)
flags:0x1ee3b378 mapping:7c7dfa14 mapcount:0 count:0
Call trace:
 [c413a230] bad_page+0x64/0xbc
 [c413a588] free_hot_cold_page+0x88/0x160
 [c42a9310] free_all_bootmem_core.isra.0+0x178/0x2e8
 [c42a49b0] mem_init+0x48/0x244
 [c42a05e8] start_kernel+0xf8/0x250
 [c410029c] skpinv+0x238/0x27c
Trying to fix it up, but a reboot is needed
Bad page state at free_hot_cold_page (in process 'swapper', page c40003e0)
flags:0x1f63d378 mapping:3c604400 mapcount:0 count:0
Memory: 8388k available (0k kernel code, 0k data, 0k init, 0k highmem)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please give me some suggestion like what is the value od total_mem and total_lowmem values,PPC_MEMSTART,KERNEL_START .
Thanking you,

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Where did you get the kernel and how did you install it, please?

RAMACHANDRA (pc-ramachandra) said : #2

Where did you get the kernel and how did you install it, please?
I am downloaded from below link onwords:
then installed the ELDK of 5.3 version downloaded from

Then I suggest you contact them to report the issue.

Does the standard Ubuntu kernel not run your hardware?

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #4

You seem to use very old software, are you aware of that?

The Linux kernel version 2.6.12 was the current version about ten years ago, and ELDK version 5.3 is from December 2012, and there is already a version 5.8 on amazon cloud (see )

Some details mentioned in your text refer to embedded systems, but this is support for Ubuntu. I doubt that this is the right address for your question.

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