Kinda disappointed (how do you exit X server)?

Asked by foxjazz

I finally got ubuntu installed, and working on my system.
Couldn't get the email receive POP to work.
Couldn't figure out how to exit X server to install the nvidia driver, however used the admin installer tool which really sucks because it doesn't give me the resolution that my 7800 should have (which by the way has been out for at least a year now).
No drivers for the sound blaster X-FI from sound blaster, so have no sound whatsoever.

It seems like Firefox is a smidge faster on Linux, however with all the problems, I can't really see an advantage.
I seem to install this OS every 3 years or so, and have found it much improved, however it doesn't hold a candle to buying a real OS due to the amount of time I have spent with it so far. If I were billing, I could have bought 2 Vista's by now (and I don't like Vista because it's too buggy).

Because I have some free time to play, I want to continue to pursue getting Linux configured with sound. Any ideas on that?

My main question is how do you exit X so that I can run the NVIDIA file from root?

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Hanusz leszek (leszek-skynet) said :


Which version of Ubuntu did you install ?
If you installed the latest version (Ubuntu Feisty 7.04) then all you need to do to install the nvidia binary driver is to navigate to System → Administration → Restricted Devices Manager

DON'T install the nvidia driver from the nvidia website!

more information here:

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Hanusz leszek (leszek-skynet) said :

About your X-FI card, I have bad news for you.
This card is for the moment totally unsupported on Linux. Creative promised drivers a while back but the date was reported a few times:

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foxjazz (foxr1) said :

Well I did install the nvidia drive deal using the system utility tingy.

And well I still don't get 1600 by 1200 resolution.

I will try the other link you sent.
May just do what my friend does, install vmware and windows from there.
Uggg. I was really hoping for better.

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Dennis Dirdjaja (dcd-ditsch) said :

Did you execute »sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg« choosing the right resolution for your desktop? Thiw will probably give you your resolution back.

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foxjazz (foxr1) said :

Ok, well hey thanks for the advice on the sudo dpkg thingy....

I put in NVIDIA Geforce 7800 for the description.

And basically it doesn't boot correctly now, comes in with a garbled screen.

At this point, I don't see any reason to continue. Maybe in another 3 years they will figure out what to do. Or maybe I should just buy a Mac.

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Hanusz leszek (leszek-skynet) said :


I agree that in your case, without sound working, it is difficult to continue to use Ubuntu.
I don't think you will need to wait 3 years though.

The next version of Ubuntu (Gutsy released the 18th of October) will have Xorg 7.3 support. It means that the screens will be autodetected and it will be easy to change resolution (Now you need to edit a text file to do it see: )

Hopefully Creative will have created the drivers by then.

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foxjazz (foxr1) said :

Thanks for the help. How do you get admin privs without signing on as root for the file system?

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Brian Derr (bderrly) said :

You use the `sudo' command to run with administrative priviliges, e.g. "sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf".

In regards to your sound situation, do you have an on-board sound card you can use until the X-FI drivers are released?

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