Difference (except packages) between ubuntu-server and ubuntu-desktop on aws when they use the same ec2 kernel image

Asked by mrkschan on 2011-03-08

What's the difference (except packages) between ubuntu-server and ubuntu-desktop on AWS (Amazon Web Service) when they use the same linux kernel image (http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/linux-image-2.6.32-313-ec2) ??

The AKI (kernel image) is - aki-1bf9a95e (image definition - http://is.gd/uvr0Ai)

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mrkschan (mrkschan) said : #1

I got some ideas between the difference of the two from http://serverfault.com/questions/244647/difference-between-ubuntu-server-and-ubuntu-desktop-on-aws. So, another question is, what is the difference of linux-image-ec2 and linux-image-server ?

houstonbofh (leesharp) said : #2

The only difference is the packages pre-installed. Note that the default packages are the only difference in the CD versions as well. The default kernel for server is different from the default kernel for Desktop, but you can install either in both... As well as the full desktop on top of server. The reason AWS is different is that the kernel is passed from the launcher, not loaded from /boot. This is also why kernel update in band will not change the running kernel.

mrkschan (mrkschan) said : #3

A follow-up, what is the difference of kernel for AWS (linux-image-ec2) and the default server kernel for server (linux-image-server)?

This may be the rationale of this linux-ec2 package, but i cannot find any doc stating the rationale of this package except the description at http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/linux-image-2.6.32-313-ec2

houstonbofh (leesharp) said : #4

You want docs? We got docs... :)


Note that even "from scratch" they are using Amazon kernels. A custom kernel gets harder...


Now if you want to run something totally different, like m0n0wall, get ready for the impossible! :)

mrkschan (mrkschan) said : #5

many thanks :)